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Basics Of Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are one of the most common window styles for both new construction and replacement windows. Double hungs consist of two movable sashes, each of which can be opened. The top sash can be lowered and/or the bottom sash can be raised in order to let in the afternoon breezes or the warm, natural sunlight. The two sashes also allow for easy cleaning options.

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Costs & Pricing

Double hungs are right in the middle of the cost spectrum in terms of window styles. They will typically cost $50 to $75 more than a comparable single hung window. Of course, the biggest determinant of cost is the brand, frame material and size of the window itself. Vinyl double hungs from a company like Crestline will probably run $325 to $375 fully installed, while wood clad double hungs from Andersen can run as much as $1,000 per window fully installed. Explore more on double hung prices.

Great For Ventilation

The two sashes provide lots of ventilation options. Lower the top sash allows air to circulate towards the top of the room, while raising the lower sash allows for more direct breezes into a room

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning windows, especially those in hard to reach places like a second story, can be a daunting task. The two sash system lets homeowners clean the outside of their windows quickly and easily.

Good Performance

Non movable windows let in less wind, heat and cold than movable styles, but they provide little else. Double hungs provide lots of flexibility, as well as good compression seals while closed. They are quite energy efficient and typically pretty durable for a movable window.

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