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Marvin Infinity Windows Cost And Consumer Price Quotes

Marvin Infinity windows cost are at the higher end of the fiberglass market and generally gets very good reviews from contractors and homeowners. Marvin Infinity is a fiberglass window that is a step up from their Integrity model, both in terms of its overall look and design, as well as the available options, hardware and sizes. This model is available in their fiberglass Ultrex on both the interior and exterior or as an Ultrex interior and Everwood interior. The Everwood is a wood veneer that is a great option for homeowners who want the look of wood without the necessary maintenance required. Many contractors feel this is the top of the line fiberglass frame for the price.

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Marvin Infinity vs Integrity

The Infinity model uses a slightly thicker frame wall than the Integrity window with a better finish on the frame as well - the overall affect is a very nice looking window. The Infinity offers more custom options and comes with a better standard warranty. The one feature that many homeowners like on the Integrity series is the real wood interior option. The Infinity is usually priced about $75 more than the Integrity. Read additional Marvin windows reviews.

Infinity Pricing From Homeowners

Homeowner 1
9 DHs
Size: 32"W x 48"H
Price: $690 each
Included installation.
Location Michigan
Project from 2012

Homeowner 2
1 Large Slider, 2 Small Fixed, 14 DHs
Size: Varied
Price: $670 each
Included installation
Location: East Coast
Location: N/A
Project from 2010

Homeowner 3
14 Casements Hungs
Size: 36"W x 52"H
Price: $740 each
Included installation
Location: Illinois
Project from 2009

Homeowner 4
10 Sliders, 4 DHs
Size: Varied
Price: $610 each
Included installation
Location: California
Project from 2008

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