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Read retrofit windows reviews for information on this alternative replacement window approach from consumers and industry experts alike.

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Retrofit Windows

We currently have old 1992 wood windows with broken seals that we'd like to replace with vinyl. We live in Northern Colorado and have hot summers and cold winters at high elevation. As we are on a budget, we are looking for budget but decent vinyl windows. We've had several contactors out for bids and some rave about retrofit windows, and some say they are terrible and let in cold air on the sides. What do you all know about the retrofit option?

Nathan - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Nathan, the retrofit option is certainly a viable approach, especially if the current windows are new construction. A new construction window uses a nailing flange around the head and sides, it must be taken off, which usually involves talking off the surrounding siding, stucco, etc. and this can be expensive in terms of patching and repair work. The biggest question is whether the existing window frames are in good enough shape for retrofit and that the openings are square and plumb, it sounds like several contractors are saying they are.

Depending on the existing windows, you will often lose some viewing area with retrofit windows so make sure to ask about that. I would say this, retrofit windows are viable, but they need to be done by installers who are used to doing them. There are a lot of places to screw up during the process. Assuming they are done well and thorough, I think they are a cheaper alternative to a full replacement in many cases.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

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