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Compare Champion vs Renewal By Andersen

Champion Windows vs Renewal By Andersen

How do Champion Windows vs Renewal By Andersen stack up? Let's compare these two well known brands against one another and find out what's what. Shall we?

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Champion Windows vs Renewal By Andersen

Company Information

Champion is a Cincinnati, Ohio based company that has branches across much of the eastern half of the U.S. Back in 2022, the company was purchased by Great Day Improvements, who now owns quite a few replacement window companies such as Universal Windows Direct. Champion, unlike Renewal, is not a franchise based company.

Renewal By Andersen is an offshoot of Andersen Windows. More specifically, they are owned by Andersen and structured as a franchise. This means that each individual branch is owned by a separate private owner. That means the each franchisee gives Andersen a cut of their profits and are required buy all of their windows and any upgrade materials from Andersen itself. This makes sense since they are selling the Renewal series, which is owned by the Andersen corporation.

What They Sell

Champion sells a single vinyl window and patio door. (They also tend to sell quite a few sunrooms, which I've never quite understood, but it's nonetheless true.) In regards to the single series, this makes evaluating their lineup quite easy. Their vinyl window series is a good product. With the Cardinal 366 glass (which comes standard), the double hung should deliver a .28 U-factor, .55 visible transmittance, .10 air infiltration rating, and 55 condensation resistance. I wouldn’t say that the Champion series is a top tier product, but it is close. I might put it in my top 40 all time replacement windows.

Champion Windows Reviews

Rba sells a fibrex composite series. This frame is the same material used in the Andersen 100 series (fibrex, which is a proprietary material and name) that you will find in many or most Home Depot stores. The Renewal frame is more robust than the Andersen 100 series and includes some nice upgrades that come standard with the window. Customers can upgrade the units further if they can afford the price tag.

Renewal By Andersen Reviews

How They Market

Champion is very similar to Renewal by Andersen in how they market their products. However, Champion is not a franchise company. However, they are a direct to consumer seller. So what does that mean? Effectively, they use traditional marketing mechanisms, such as television ads, flyers, mailers, magazine ads, in order to reach out to a local customer base. They sell their windows in regional markets such as Cleveland Ohio. This differs from many other manufacturers who use local window companies that rep their product to sell to a local customer base. Champion has over 60 locations spread throughout most of the eastern half of the United States.

Similarly, RBA markets their windows and installation services in regional markets using traditional methods such as flyers, tv ads and magazine spots. This is quite a different approach than the one used by Andersen, who are definitely not a direct to consumer outfit like Renewal. From what I know, Renewal subcontracts out the actual installation of their jobs, which could be problematic if the company doing the work is not top quality. This is why it is so important to look at the reviews for your particular Renewal branch to make sure that they perform quality work and stand behind their work.

Cost Comparison

Champion Windows cost are in the top tier of vinyl price spectrum. If the scale goes from 1 to 10, I would put Champion in the 7 to 9 range. While they make a quality product, I tend to think that many of their bids are overpriced. At the right price point, I would say that Champion is a very solid option.

Renewal by Andersen prices are not inexpensive. In fact, they are the most expensive composite window on the market - by a lot. Often, consumers will pay anywhere between $1600 and $2500 for a standard sized double hung window fully installed. I really don’t have a breakdown here between labor and the window. Rba doesn’t provide this information

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