Is Renewal By Andersen The Same As Andersen Windows

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Is Renewal By Andersen The Same As Andersen Windows

Is Renewal By Andersen The Same As Andersen Windows

Is Renewal By Andersen the same as Andersen Windows? Let's take a closer look and compare these on company structure, what they sell, how they market, and what they cost.

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Renewal By Andersen vs Andersen Windows

Company Information

Both Renewal and Andersen are owned by the Andersen Corporation, which is headquartered in Bayport Minnesota. Although the two brands share a common owner, that’s where most of the similarities stop. Renewal (which I'm going to refer to from here on out as RBA) is part of the company, albeit as a franchise that exists more or less indecently from Anderson itself.

As a franchise, each Renewal “branch” is independently owned and operated. This can result in quality differences from city to city (although to be fair this exists with window installation companies from city to city).

Andersen is a corporation head quartered in Minnesota that has been making windows&doors for generations. They are a well known brand - probably the best known brand in the United States (with the possible exception of Pella or Window World.)

What They Sell

RBA sells a composite fibrex series (the same proprietary material as the Andersen 100 series). The window is completely customizable and has lots of upgrades and glass options. The RBA fibrex is a very nice looking window, but the performance numbers are somewhat mediocre. In addition, RBA sells patio and French doors. The franchise aspect of RBA means that the quality of installation will depend on the company doing the work. Renewal uses local installation teams to do the actual installation, which I think is potentially problematic if problems do arise.

Renewal By Andersen Reviews

Andersen sells a 200 and 400 series, which are both wood clad series. The window they sell in Home Depot is the 100 series, which is the fibrex composite. The 100 is a stripped down version of the RBA model with a less robust frame and much less customization options. They also have their A series, which is a very high end wood window. Andersen’s 400 series and their doors are considered excellent quality and craftsmanship. I think wood clad windows have lots of downsides, but Andersen does make an excellent wood clad.

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How They Market

The marketing approach of RBA and Andersen is very different from one another. RBA is a direct-to-consumer operation - they use mailers, flyers, and local tv ads to advertise to local markets. Their marketing materials are quite slick. Because they are a franchise, there are going to be variations in how aggressively they go after their customers. They are also a well known name (in no small part to their advertising), which helps them makes sales because homeowners trust the name Andersen. (And the RBA sales people are all too happy to be associated with the Andersen Corporation if it means a sale.)

Andersen markets their windows&doors using every available avenue, although not by using direct to consumer methods. They have a huge dealer network of local companies that rep the 100, 200, and 400 series. They sell the 100 series through the many hundreds of Home Depot stores across the country. Finally, they work with large builders and local contractors, who sell their windows to their home renovation clients.

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Cost Comparison

Renewal By Andersen prices are at the very top of the heap when it comes to pricing. Think $1500 to $2500 per window fully installed. That is not chump change.

Andersen Windows prices are also at the top of the price range for their wood clad series. Their 100 composites series (again which uses the same frame as the RBA frame) sells at HD and is much more moderately priced. I’d say it’s in the middle of the composite windows cost range.

Want to know more of my favorite window series? Shoot me a quick email and I’m happy to share with you my faves.

Anderson 100 vs Renewal By Anderson

Hi Dane, I was curious what the differences are between the Anderson 100 and the Renewal by Anderson? From what I can tell, they are made with the same materials. Is this correct? The 100 is available at Home Depot for like $750 installed. Then I got a bid from renewal for what appears to be the same window and this was $1700 per window. What am I missing?
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Deborah - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Deborah, you’re not missing much. This is what I would say - the 100 series and the Renewal are both made of the same fibrex frame material. The Renewal by Anderson frame is a bit beefier, the glass is a bit better and the hardware and components are upgraded on the renewal as well. Besides, this, there is really no difference. Now I have to caution that when you buy from Home Depot, you never know quite who their installers are. They usually subcontract out to a number of local companies. However, the same could be said of the renewal because they use an independent installer as well.

So installation is quite important in this process and who does the installation is certainly a factor in both cases. From a value proposition, I would say that the Anderson 100 with available upgrades that would get you to like $950 per window in your scenario is probably as close as you’re going to get to that renewal quality. The bottom line is there is a lot more value to that Anderson 100 over the renewal in my opinion.
Andersen 100 Series Reviews

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

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