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Ram Windows

Hi Dane - I just found your website as I began my search for far I’m finding it very helpful in helping me understand things about windows and window replacement. I have a couple of questions....

Your site doesn’t list Ram Windows as a window option...and I’m wondering why? We bought, from an architect friend of ours, two new (never installed) Ram windows and used them in our bathroom remodel about a year ago. Now we are remodeling our kitchen and dining area and will be modifying and replacing 4 large windows. This, we have decided to replace the remaining downstairs windows mostly for energy efficiency and partially for appearance. If all goes well or we feel the price is doable for us we will probably go ahead and replace the remaining upstairs windows. We currently have aluminum single pane windows and boy can we feel their poor insulating quality!!!

On my initial foray into this new territory I called Houston Window Experts (Different architect friend used and recommended them from their own personal experience - they used Milgard). The salesperson upon seeing the Ram window and the new modern steel doors we have installed said she was thinking NT Windows or Milgard (which have slightly thinner frames) but did say they have been having some trouble with the Milgard orders since the company recently sold. Anyway I went to look at their offices today and here is what I came away with -

Appearance wise I liked Amsco Restoration Series (with bronze clad exterior and white interior) the best, Milgard aluminum series second and NT Twinsulator came in third. That is just based on the scale and design of the ones I saw - not at all on quality or suitability. I then read on your website you guys don’t really seem to think very highly of the AMSCO windows.

So, I’d like your opinion on these and or any other brands (I did see something about the Don Young brand in Houston - that’s easy to go see!). I’m not sold on aluminum but I’m willing to explore. I’ve always had vintage single panes wood Windows in the past and I’ve loved them....but this current house was built in late 1980’s/early 1990’s and is more townhouse/urban than my precisely homes. I want a classic look window that reads old metal European - not ultra modern looking windows - but not cheesy cheap looking windows either!!!

What do you suggest? I have 10 ft tall ceilings and my windows are about 1 ft from the floor - so they provide a lot of nice light.

Thanks so much....and Merry Christmas!! Lisa

Lisa - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Lisa, I haven't heard much about Ram Windows, but there are nearly 700 window manufacturers in the U.S. so I don't hear about all the regional or specialty type companies. I've heard that Ram makes a nice, but quite expensive window. For Houston, you can wither use a high quality vinyl or aluminum window.

My top four picks would be Sunrise Windows, Don Young (their aluminum windows are very good), NT, and Simonton. My fifth pick would be Milgard. I would go with a top or premium series for each since you live in a hot climate that will test the durability and construction quality of the vinyl itself.

I don't think Amsco makes a high quality window. Milgard makes a good aluminum window and NT is a solid contender as well. If you are going aluminum though, I would take a look at Don Young, which is my favorite aluminum window for the price.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

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