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Norandex Window Prices

Explore Norandex Window prices and reviews on popular series such as the Extreme, Viewpoint and the Prism By Simonton series. Norandex does not manufacture the windows they sell; instead they buy them from other manufacturers such as Atrium and Simonton and relabel the windows as their own. Both Atrium and Simonton enjoy good reputations in the industry so assuming the price point is good on the window you are buying, consumers can expect a nice solid replacement or new constrcution window from Noarandex.

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Norandex Extreme Windows

The Norandex Extreme is a vinyl replacement window that comes standard with a constant force balancing system, sloped sill, low-e and argon fill glass, warm edge spacer and recessed tilt latches. The window comes in either the X model or the XX model that includes foam fills in the mainframe and a whole host of exterior and interior hardware and color options. Consumers can expect a .04 air infiltration, which is quite impressive.

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Norandex View Point Windows

The View Point windows are available as either a replacement or new construction. The line is available in a number of different series such as the 1000, 3000, 6000 and 8000. The higher the number, the better the quality and more expensive the price tag. In general, Norandex products are going to be priced out very similar to Atrium window costs, mainly because Atrium actually makes the windows. They also offer the Silent Guard on the Viewpoint 8000, which provides consumers with a 34 STC or sound control rating.

Norandex Prism By Simonton

Norandex sells the entire line of Simonton Prism windows, including the Prism Platinum, Gold, Ultra Gold, Bronze, Stormbreak Plus and the ProFinish series. Find more information on Simonton window prices here.

Norandex Windows Warranty

Norandex is a large company with tons of models and series. The following warranty information may or may not apply to the product you have purchased so please take some time to read the latest warranty terms from Norandex. The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers the original owner for as long as they live in the home from defects in workmanship and parts. The insulated glass unit carries a 25 year warranty provision, although the company covers less and less based on a schedule they've created. There are a number of exclusions that are included in the warranty that consumers should take a look at. In general, the warranty they offer on their vinyl replacement and new construction windows is just okay when compared with other window warranties from other manufacturers.

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