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Explore replacement windows in Arizona and find popular and available manufacturers throughout the state.

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Simonton Windows

Simonton is one of the largest replacement window companies in the United States, with distribution in nearly every state, including Arizona. Consumers can purchase Simonton windows at the big box stores, or through the countless contractors and reps who distribute and sell various models and lines. They aren't the fanciest or best looking vinyl windows, but they are well made, sturdy and reliable. The company stands behind their products and has lots of series and models to choose from. Three models we recommend include the 9800 Impressions, Reflections 5500 series, and the ProFinish Contractor, which is similar to their entry level Asure, but at a lower price point.

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Milgard Windows

Milgard Windows & Doors started in the late 50s in the Northwest in Tacoma Washington. Today, the company is owned by the Masco Corporation and has 10 manufacturing plants, four of which are located in California (Hollister, Sacramento, Simi Valley and Temecula). Milgard is definitely a western U.S. manufacturer and should be available throughout much of Arizona. Generally speaking, the company manufacturers quality windows and doors, their best known being the Tuscany vinyl window. It is an excellent example of a mid range vinyl window that is relatively affordable, looks good and will last a good 20 years with the proper installation. Milgard offers vinyl, aluminum, impact and wood windows.

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Amerimax Windows

Amerimax has their main plant in Loveland, Colorado and operate another manufacturing plant outside of Sacramento, California. There are several local Amerimax distributors who cover Phoenix and surrounding Arizona cities and areas. The company is considered one the better vinyl window manufacturers that services the Western United States. The company offers an array of vinyl windows and doors, including their Masters Grande, Craftsman Portrait, Aristocrat Casement window, as well as Bay and Bow windows. Amerimax offers three patio sliding and hinged door models, including the Classic French hinged, New Horizon slider and Riviera French slider. Their windows and doors are priced out in the middle of all vinyl windows and doors.

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Anlin Windows

Anlin Windows manufactures 3 different window lines, the Catalina, Del Mar and Coronado models. While the Catalina is an entry level window, the Del Mar and Coronado are good mid range vinyl windows that usually have a nice price point and include some nice features and options. Anlin is a smaller manufacturer, but they enjoy a very solid reputation in the vinyl window market for quality and durability. The company sells their windows in three states; Arizona, California and Nevada. If you live in these states, you should be able to find a distributor in your area that sells one of more Anlin vinyl series.

Our recommendation would be the Del Mar or Coronado series. The Del Mar window should be very comparable in price to the Milgard Tuscany. Each of these window lines is a mid range vinyl window that should provide consumers with excellent long term value for their dollars (assuming quality installation).

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Best Windows For Arizona

Hello John, I live in Tucson AZ and am looking to replace 13 windows. I am looking for a balance of efficiency (keep hot air and noise out), longevity, looks, and price. I have been researching windows for a couple of weeks and the information spans a wide spectrum and is often contradictory. Basically, what are the best windows for Arizona?

In your opinion, what is the best material for windows in Tucson (hot, dry, with occasional downpours during the monsoon season)? And within that material range, what are the best windows that provides a good balance of function and esthetics?

I read that vinyls warp in this hot climate and white vinyls yellow over time and colored vinyls fade over time but I also hear that high quality vinyls won’t change color or warp. I read that Aluminum conducts too much heat but I also read that it is the best option for hot climates. Fiberglass and composites seem to keep their color and shape but I read that the advantages aren’t worth the price.

I am confused and hope to get some reliable, unbiased opinion from you.


Vicky - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Vicky, high quality vinyl and aluminum are good options for the desert. Good vinyl windows should hold up well. Poor quality vinyl windows can have issues as well, especially the vinyl windows of the past.

Here are my 5 recommendations: [listed redacted]

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Windows In The Desert

Hi- We are looking to replace the 40 year old windows in our 2nd home in Arizona. We do not plan to be here for more than 5 years before upgrading to a different home. We want a good window for the AZ weather with temperatures up to 115 degrees in the summer but don't want to spend a fortune. Can you recommend a mid grade window that will give us some noticable energy efficiency without overspending?

Donna - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Hi Donna, I agree with you that you want a mid range window, nothing better than this since you are only going to be there for 5 years. Normally for very hot climates like yours I would recommend aluminum windows due to their strength. Aluminum can be a bit pricey though so this might not be the most viable option for you.

You could also go with a well made vinyl window. I'd recommend having Amerimax, Anlin, Simonton and Milgard come out and give you a bid on their vinyl windows.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Phoenix Arizona Windows

Hi Dane, We live in the Phoenix area and are looking for a good window manufacturer/series for our new home construction. We aren't looking for high-end, just a good quality product that fits the climate and is affordable priced. What do you recommend? Thanks.

Ruth - Consumer - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Ruth, I would direct you to our Arizona page that lists 4 manufacturers that will be available in Phoenix - I would say that the Simonton is probably just under the other 3 vinyl window manufacturers in terms of quality and perhaps price.

I would suggest getting bids from local companies who sell these windows and see how their mid range window series compare in price. The mid range is typically where you see the best bang for your buck, although certain dealers get good pricing on certain models, depending on how much volume they do.

Let me know what you come up with and if you need any additional help!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

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