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Best Replacement Windows In Utah

Explore the best replacement windows in Utah and find popular and available manufacturers throughout the state. Utah is a state that get very cold in the winter and can get very warm in the summer, depending on the location and altitude. A good quality vinyl or fiberglass window is probably the best option for most homeowners in the state. Vinyl is going to be cheaper option, but we would caution against using a cheap vinyl window, they do not hold up well in extreme conditions.

In more mild climates like Southern California, consumers can get away with an okay vinyl window, but not nearly as much in places like Utah. Our inclusion of Marvin Windows is for their Integrity and Infinity models - with the Infinity being the more expensive, but preferable fiberglass window.

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Sunrise Windows

Sunrise windows are considered a top tier vinyl window manufacturer by most contractors, consumers and industry insiders. The only exception to this rule is their entry level Essentials models. The standard Sunrise frame is quite solid and their other upgraded models, including the Verde Vanguard and Restoration, all use this basic frame, along with some nice glass, component and part upgrades. Their top-of-the-line Restoration is one of our picks for the best replacement vinyl windows available. Sunrise has several dealers in Utah that should be available through their website.

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Soft-Lite Windows

Soft-Lite windows are generally regarded as very well designed and engineered. The company offers a number of different vinyl replacement windows that are generally considered some of the best on the market. The only 2 exceptions to this are the Barrington and Bainbridge models, which do not offer the same quality as the Soft-Lite Classic, Imperial or Elements. The Soft-Lite Imperial and Elements series are top vinyl window contenders and will be priced out at the upper end of the vinyl window cost range, but assuming good installation, consumers can't ask for better windows and long term value. Soft-Lite should have at least dealer in the state and consumers should be able to find this through their website.

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Marvin Windows

Marvin Windows And Doors are available in most states, including Utah. The company manufactures three main window series, including the Integrity, Infinity and Ultimate Windows. The first two are fiberglass windows, while the Ultimate is a wood window with an aluminum exterior cladding. Marvin gets some of the best and most consistent reviews from consumers and industry insiders on the quality and craftsmanship of their windows. This is not to say that there aren't customer complaints out there that have merit. However, any company that makes a million product per year is going to have some small degree of error.

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