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Best Replacement Windows In Washington

Explore the best replacement windows in Washington and find popular and available manufacturers throughout the state.

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Milgard Windows

Milgard Windows & Doors started in the late 50s in the Northwest in Tacoma, Washington. Today, the company is owned by the Masco Corporation and has 10 manufacturing plants, four of which are located in California (Hollister, Sacramento, Simi Valley and Temecula). The remaining 6 are located in Dallas, Denver, Portland, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Tacoma. Milgard is definitely a western U.S. manufacturer. Generally speaking, the company manufacturers quality windows and doors, their best known being the Tuscany vinyl window. It is an excellent example of a mid range vinyl window that is relatively affordable, looks good and will last a good 20 years with the proper installation. Milgard offers vinyl, aluminum, impact and wood windows.

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RBA Price Quote In Seattle WA

Hi Dane! I stumbled across your site with a Bing search and found it to be very helpful. We just entered into contract yesterday with RBA without being completely informed (my mistake) and I'm probably going to cancel the contract today. Out of curiosity I'm wondering how far off you think this bid really is though:

We're in a 1920's craftsman in Seattle WA with original windows.

There are 20 windows total, 3 of which are large picture windows.

The rest are a mix of 1-2 double-hung and some casements.

The bid came out to $50k, or $2500/window. Seems high?

I recognize that the supply chain is messed up and window labor costs are higher here on the coast. But I'm uncomfortable with that cost. Any thoughts on what would be more appropriate given we are in an older house and want top-of-the-line windows?

I appreciate any ideas you may have. Thanks again for your helpful site!

Jeff - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jeff, $2500 is about double what RBA was selling their windows for prior to COVID and the increased demand. Yes, I believe the window is worth $750 fully installed -- my opinion. Maybe $900 to $1000 with the increased costs.

Here are my Washington State recommendations: [list provided on request]

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Apex Energy Solutions In Seattle


I just came across your website today while desperately digging for information on Apex Energy Solutions and their Insignia window. I read through the emails and responses you wrote on this topic, and I have a similar story to most of them - Apex came to my door and wants to do a "promotional home" deal with us, offering a discounted rate for their windows.

From your responses, it seems like this price isn't great for the actual window they sell. Who would you recommend I look into to get a comparison quote in the Seattle, WA area? Previously, some other guy came to our door and gave us a quote that was about 3 times the price Apex gave us, but I have yet to look for someone on my own.

We have 12 windows to replace and I don't need the nicest window ever, but I want to make sure I'm not paying way too much for the quality of product they are selling.


Priscilla - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Hi, first off, I would be pretty suspect in general about people knocking on my door and pitching me services—this is not the way most well run, professional companies do business. I would definitely be wary of going with the Apex Energy Solutions, which sells a relabeled Alside window. It really isn't a window most industry experts would recommend.

Seattle is a tricky area, there aren't a lot of good vinyl windows up there, which is odd considering how important windows are in keeping water and moisture out of your home and walls.

One option is to do a search for window installation on yelp and find one or two installers with the very best ratings. Then call them up and ask for a quote and see what windows they recommend.

Milgard is available up there. Simonton should be as well. I would go with their top end vinyl windows.

Sunrise might have a dealer in your area, I would check here first using their website.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

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