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Read 4 Simonton ProFinish windows review from homeowners and our site editors on this replacement and new construction window.

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Simonton ProFinish Contractor vs Window World 4000

I found your site while researching replacement windows online; thank you for your informative site!

I'm trying to decide between 2 windows that are in my price range; the Window World 4000 series double-hung and the Simonton ProFinish Contractor double hung. There will be 12 total windows installed in 6 openings (2 windows side-by-side in each opening). I am aware that the Simonton is a new construction window; the contractor plans to remove the fins for replacement installation.

These windows are for a modest 1 story block construction house in Florida that is only occupied January-April each year to escape Central NY winters. The windows are shuttered when the house is unoccupied.

The estimates I have are from 2 reputable companies that I found on Angies List and both estimates are within $100. of each other. In your opinion, which is a better quality window that should last for years without any headaches - the Window World 4000 series double-hung or the Simonton ProFinish Contractor double hung?

I hope to sign a contract next week for early April installation. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

Ed - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Ed, I'm not a huge fan of the Comfort World 4000, which is just a relabeled window made by Xact. That company doesn't have the best reputation in the industry. The ProFinish Contractor is a better window in my opinion. There are three ProFinish options and the Contractor is the mid range model (in between the Builder and Master models). Compared with the Builder model, the Contractor has a better sash, the same basic sash as the Simonton Reflections 5500. The Contractor model is pretty close in design to their Asure (although the Asure uses a better balance system than the Contractor).

Long story short, I'm giving my vote to the Simonton ProFinish Contractor Series.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Simonton 600 Series vs Soft-Lite Verde

Dane, I'm still waiting a a Soft-Lite quote from a local distributor, but I did get a quote from the local Sunrise dealer. Ouch! The model quoted was the Verde line. That quote came in at 2.25 times the quote that came in for the Simonton Brickmould 600 series windows (sold via Norandex). Is the Sunrise window really 2x better of a window; even with a lifetime, non-pro-rated warranty against defects in the frames, hardware, and glass (including seal failures)? The same dealer that quoted the Sunrise window also quoted a Midway (model: EnviroSealed) window that was a little less than twice the Simonton window, but that still seems like a pretty steep premium.

Scott - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Scott, the Sunrise Verde window is certainly a better window than the Simonton ProFinish 600 model. Now whether it is worth two and a half times more is a different question. My own opinion is probably not. Let's assume that the ProFinish is going to run $300 fully installed. That would mean you are looking at $750 per window full installed, which feels a high to me. I like the Sunrise Verde over the Midway EnviroSealed, although this is quite a nice vinyl window as well. I would like to see you get a couple more quotes to see how the prices stack up, I think this will provide you with some more perspective on your dilemma. Once you get the quotes, let me know and we can work it out from there.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

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Simonton ProFinish vs. Jeld Wen Windows

My bids have come in with Simonton ProFinish Brickmould Series, Jeld-Wen 4500 Series and the MGM windows. I figured most of them would come in with mid range window. I'm not looking to break the bank, but I still want a good value window. Right now, I'm going to check out the Sunrise and Soft-Lite dealers to see what kind of quote I can get.

As I understand it from a technical performance I looking for:

- a U-factor; the lower the better (< .3)

- the SHGC; the lower the better (< .4)

- the Air Infiltration; the lower the better ( < .05)

- the VT; the higher the better

- the CR; the higher the better

Do I have this right?

Thanks again, Scott

[Site Editor's Response]

Scott, I would say either of the first two windows would be the call over the MGM. I'd say the Sunrise and Soft-Lite will be above this in terms of quality. Note that the ProFinish model has three options and the Master option is definitely the one to go with if it's in your budget. The Jeld Wen 4500 vinyl window is not a bad window, I don't love the performance numbers, but I do think the window is a decent performer and is quite a nice looking window.

In terms of performance, you are pretty much right on. However, SHGC is how much heat gain you get through the window so there is no ideal number for everyone. For instance, people living in cold climates want a higher SHGC for temperature retention while someone in a very hot climate would be looking to keep the SHGC as low as possible.

Visible Transmittance is also somewhat subjective because some homeowners want to allow more light in and others want less, depending on the direction of the window, where it's located etc.

I'd concentrate on three factors; AI, U-factor and DP - design pressure and shoot for a 30 or higher on design pressure.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2015

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