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Are Jeld Wen Windows Junk?

Are Jeld Wen Windows junk? We get this question quite a bit, and the answer for me at least is this: it depends on which of the JW products you are referring to.

Vinyl Windows: For the most part, Jeld Wen vinyl windows are builder grade quality. Meaning not high-quality windows. They are mostly sold in the big box stores and sold at a low price point. Not a good recipe for high quality and long lasting windows. The V2500 and V4500 (JWs vinyl window series names) are, for me at least, pretty junky. I think there are better options available at these stores. I would point to the Simonton 6500 and the Reliabilt 3900 series as better options over the V2500 or the 4500 series. (Read all of our Simonton 6500 windows reviews here.)

"For me, it really depends on which product you are referring to as the question of are Jeld Wen Windows junk? The stuff you find at Home Depot...yes, pretty junky. Harsh perhaps, but I think that's a fair answer."

Wood Windows: I think JW wood windows are decent quality, with one caveat. They must have the Auralast treatment protection and warranty that covers the wood from rotting over the lifetime of the windows. I like this option for the price and warranty. Having said that, I don't love wood clad windows in general, I don't feel like they offer consumers much long term value.

Doors: JW doors have always been good quality products. I would have a JW door in my own home if I was able to double check the performance data on the particular series I was purchasing and was happy with the price point.

Bottom Line: In my opinion, the following is true: JW vinyl windows are pretty junky. JW wood windows are decent quality. JW aluminum windows are just okay. JW doors are good quality.

Dane - Site Editor - Page Updated in December, 2023

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Are Jeld Wen Windows Junk

I had some JeldWen vinyl windows, I think a V2500 series, and they started failing after like 8 years. The balances got all out of whack and you had to be Conan The Barbarian to get the damn things to open. Paid like $200 bucks for them so I guess what do you expect? Buyer beware, eh?

Gary - Homeowner - from 2023

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