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Arched Windows Prices

Ached windows prices can be quite high due to the fact that these are almost always a custom made window and they are also a specialty shape. Expect to pay between $325 to $1100 per installed arched window for a normal sized opening. There are huge variations in this style of window, which incorporates a nice arch along the top edge of the frame. This means the glass must be cut with this same curved edge and also requires an opening in the wall to match - if the contractor must make changes to the window opening to accomodate this new shape it can significantly add to the per opening cost. At the end of the day, arched windows can be beautiful additions to a home that add real beauty and charm that is worth the rather hefty price tag. Use our project window replacement cost estimator for additional pricing on different combinations.

Price Range: $325 - $1100 installed

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Arched Window Prices By Project

Budget Projects

Budget projects begin around $325 and top out around $425, this is for window and installation. Expect a vinyl frame, clear or simple low-e glass, a fixed frame or unmovable window style and few or no upgrades to the hardware and frame in this price range. There is not alot of option in a lower end arched window only because most homeowners who opt for it want something in the mid to upper end in terms of materials and craftsmanship.

Price Range: $325 to $425 Installed

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Standard Projects

Standard project prices start at $425 and max out at $750, this includes window and installation. In this mid range, the number of options and upgrades increases significantly. There will be a wide range of materials available, from a well made vinyl frame to fiberglass, composites, aluminum and wood clad. You can expect a nice mid range glass package with decent fills and solid hardware options. Many of the companies that might offer this priced point will offer much more in terms of custom orders and available frame finishes, colors etc.

Price Range: $425 – $750 Installed

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High End Projects

High end projects begin at $750 and max out at around $1100, again this is for the window and installation. This is a good chunk of money to spend on a single window, expect a nice sized window that has a wood interior and a fiberglass or aluminum cladding on the exterior. You should expect a beautiful looking window with a high end glass package, top of the line hardware options, and some very nice additional options and upgrades.

Price Range: $750 – $1100 Installed

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Cost Of Installation

While an arched top window will be more expensive than its rectangular counterpart, the cost of the window installation will also be significantly higher. If the existing opening is the exact same size and no changes have to be made, the increase in cost will be minimal, perhaps $50 per opening. If the opening does not to be altered or changes, you can expect the cost to rise pretty quickly as the exterior cladding and framing will have to be altered and materials brought in to create the new opening.

Arch Windows Cost

An approximate cost to replace one 1/4 arch window size about 4' x 3' double pane?

Ann - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Ann, there is always a big range in prices with an arch window in general, but especially during this time since ordering is so backlogged. I would estimate a mid range vinyl arched topped window at $600 to $1000, depending on the type of installation required.

It really depends on how often the company installs them. I'd definitely cast a wide net if you want to find a fair market price.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

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