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Fixed Windows Prices & Costs

Fixed window prices and costs range from $125 to $800 for a standard sized frame and this includes the price of installation. Fixed frame windows are unmovable frames that offer excellent energy efficiency due to the fact that there are no movable parts and less chance of broken seals etc. that can reduce the overall effectiveness of the window.

On the downside, these windows do not offer any ventilation options and are more difficult to clean. In terms of window replacement cost, they are usually lower in price than other movable options such as casements or double hungs.

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Entry Level Prices

Entry level fixed windows will range in price from $125 to $250 fully installed and will most likely be a vinyl window purchased from one of the bix box stores or from a lower end manufacturer. These are probably fine for smaller openings where the weight of the window won't affect the lower sill.

-- Price Range: $125 to $250 Installed --

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Mid Range Prices

Mid range fixed frame windows will range in price from $250 to $450 and will typically provide consumers with the best value for your dollar. This price point will involve high end vinyl windows, along with mid range aluminum and fiberglass windows. These inorganic materials will provide better performance numbers for consumers, but certainly can't compete with wood clad windows in terms of overall aesthetics. Compare wood and fiberglass windows here.

-- Price Range: $250 to $450 Installed --

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High End Prices

High end fixed windows will run $450 to $800 and will typically be for wood clad windows that use a wood interior and an exterior cladding of either vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass. These provide the best of both worlds because the outside of the window has a tough cladding, while the inside has the beauty of wood. These prices are for a normal sized window - larger openings that are more picture windows can be much more expensive.

-- Price Range: $450 to $800 Installed --

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Installation Prices

Price Range: $75 – $250 an opening

Expect the installation (which is included in the prices above) to run anywhere from $75 to $250 per window. Inserts can run $75 per opening while full frame replacement that involves repairs to the sills and frame can run as high as $250 an opening.

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