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Sliding Windows

Horizontal sliding windows are one of most popular window styles for residential homes for a few reasons that we will touch on later. From a cost perspective, they are quite reasonable. We'll go through the basics, pricing and some of the main advantages of gliding windows.

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Horizontal sliders are movable windows, as opposed to fixed frame or picture windows. In order to open them, you must unlock the slide mechanism and then simply slide them horizontally along rollers. This differs from single and double hung windows that open vertically. They are considered fairly simply windows that are good options for bedrooms. Typically, sliders are not the most energy efficient windows.


Slider window cost will depend on a number of factors, including the window frame material, glass package, hardware quality, brand and model. Expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $1000 for horizontal sliders. Vinyl sliders should range from $200 to $600 fully installed.

-- Price Range: $200 to $1,000 fully installed --

Lots Of Glass Area

Sliders have lots of glass area, which makes them fantastic for viewing. Double hungs and awnings often have more frame to them, making them bulkier and reducing the viewable area of the window.

Open Wide

When fully opened, gliders offer a nice big area for warm afternoon breezes to come in. Sliders can be quite large, which makes them excellent options for basement egress windows that require enough space for an adult to enter through.

Mediocre Performance Numbers

Sliders are not known for being the most energy efficient - casements and even single hungs often have superior compression seals to gliders. The tracks on sliders make for easy opening and closing, but they will usually have worse performance numbers compared to these other movable window types.

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