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Simonton StormBreaker Plus Window

The Simonton StormBreaker Plus window is the company's official impact window and an excellent option for cost conscious consumers. Simonton isn't generally known for producing impact or hurricane windows, but their Stormbreaker Plus does a very solid job and should be available in much of the eastern coastal regions.

The Simonton 9800 series is another option for customers, although the window isn't officially considered a hurricane window and will require upgrades to the glass and to the sash to make it code compliant.

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Simonton Stormbreaker Windows Reviews

The Stormbreaker Plus is Simonton's certified impact window and will cost more than their 9800 Impressions option, even with the upgrades. The Stormbreaker Plus has a .90 thick glass interlayer, compared with a .60 thick glass interlayer on the 9800 series. The Stormbreaker has several nice upgrades, including tempered glass that will resist impact for rain and debris, as well as a steel reinforced sash rail.

The Stormbreaker has a Design Pressure rating of 65, which should be more than enough to stand up to most storms. The Stormbreaker is well designed and sturdy, although like many Simonton windows, is a pretty bland looking window. In terms of it's intended purpose, the Simonton Stormbreaker Plus window is a great option that is comparable in price and quality to CWS Impact windows.

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