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Childproofing Windows

Childproofing your home windows is a safe and effective way to better protect your kids from falling out of home windows. Every year, some 5,000 kids are hurt from accidentally falling out of windows. Obviously, the greatest concern is a second or third story window where the fall is going to be very serious, if not deadly.

While most operable windows (those that can open such as a single hungs, double hungs or casement windows) do have lock mechanisms that tend to be in the middle of the window (for double hungs and single hungs), casements often have a crank handle that is located at the base of the window. A clever toddler can, unfortunately, figure out a way to open the window and this should be a real concern for parents.

Luckily, there are a number of companies that manufacture child safety devices for windows. There are two main product types that can help you childproof your home windows and make them safe for your toddlers. The first is a barrier guard that physically prevents your child from falling out of the window, while the second is a locking or blocking mechanism that prevents the child from opening the window in the first place..

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Window Guards Or Barriers

The first product is a window guard or barrier, which is typically made from a sturdy steel frame with a powder coated finish that attaches to the window opening and prevents a toddler from physically falling out of the window. Most quality products fit most standard sized single and double hungs, sliders and casement window frames. They look similar to prison cell bars, which is not the nicest look from the outside, but they are the safest option for safeguarding children from window falls.

All of the these products can be adjusted to fit a variety of openings and widths and are certainly effective at keeping children from falling out of the window. Please note, these products CANNOT be used on any window that would serve as an egress, including a basement egress window, as they are a barrier to entry and exit, and do not allow easy emergency access.

Window Locks Or Stop

The second product type is a lock or stop that prevents the window from opening in the first place. A wedge window lock is an inexpensive and simple little gadget that installs on the inside of most windows and blocks toddlers from opening and closing the windows. Parents need to remember that with all of these locking products, once your window is open, they will do little to safeguard your kids. However, it is a pretty effective method for stopping toddlers from opening the window in the first place.

A slide window lock mounts inside the window track and can be installed very easily and will prevent a horizontal sliding window from opening. This is an inexpensive and simple mechanism that is ideal for safeguarding your glider or slider windows.

Patio Door Pin Or Lock

A patio door pin or doorlock is a great way to keep your patio doors from being opened by toddlers, especially doors that are located on the second floor and can pose a real danger for any child who may wander out onto a deck.

Where To Buy

Some of these products may be available at retail stores such as Target or Walmart. However, there are a number of online stores that sell higher quality products and offer a wider array of options that may not be available at these retail stores. Typically, the selection is greater at these specialty online stores and there are often more sizing options that will provide better versatility for odd shaped window openings or windows that may have funky hardware, etc.

The biggest and best babyproofing option is the Safe Beginnings, these guys only do childproofing and they have more products and selection than any of the other stores. In addition, here are several additional online sources to help you childproof your home windows.

Safe Beginnings
Kid Safe

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