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Harvey Windows vs Andersen

Harvey Windows vs Andersen

Harvey Windows vs Andersen - let's compare these two on their windows and doors, their marketing approaches, and what they cost.

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"Anderson windows and doors are well known throughout the United States. The company enjoys a good reputation for their wood clad windows and doors. They have been around for over 100 years and our headquartered in Minnesota."

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Harvey Windows vs Andersen

Company Information

Harvey Windows + Doors sells a number of different products. They are most well-known for their vinyl windows. They sell several series, including the Slimline, the Harvey Classic, and Tribute. (They are decidedly best know for the Classic, which they sell the most of by far.) In addition, the company sells a wood clad Majestic series, as well as storm windows, and a number of doors, including patio sliding doors.

The company is well respected amongst industry insiders for their quality windows and doors. I'd say they are a high-end second-tier window manufacturer.

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"The Harvey Classic vinyl window is by far the most well known and biggest seller for the company. I would give it a 7.5 out of 10 - it is a very solid performer."

Anderson Windows & Doors is best known for their wood windows in the 400 series and the 200 series. These two series are similar in nature, although the 400 series is available in loads more colors, hardware, and custom options. I like the 200 series if the available options fit your project needs. However, The 400 series will accommodate many more project requirements.

Anderson also sells the 100 series, which is a fibrex composite window. It is sold in Home Depot and is quite possibly their most popular series given its good look and reasonable price point. The 100 series is decent, but not great, for a composite window. The company also sells an Architectural wood clad series that is both very beautiful and very expensive. Anderson is also well-known for their variety of interior wood-clad doors that are available in a number of different configurations and styles.

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How They Market

Harvey markets their products in a very traditional way. That is, they use regional (local) window companies to sell directly to the public. This differs from other companies that are direct to consumer sellers. Examples of these companies include Apex Energy Solutions and Renewal by Andersen. The positives of selling through local window companies is that you can reach a much broader market by simply reaching out and getting dealers or representatives to sell your company products in different states and markets. There is no need to establish a branch or have any sort of presence in that area as you would need with a direct to consumer approach.

Anderson markets using what I call a scorched earth approach - they use every means in their arsenal. Many of their windows are sold in Home Depot, I should say the 100 series is sold throughout their hundreds of stores located in nearly every state in the United States. They sell most of their 400 and 200 series through local window companies, as well as through high-end contractors and developers.

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Cost Comparisons

Harvey Windows+Doors are at the upper end of the mid range cost spectrum for vinyl window. Or they are at the low end of the high-end price spectrum. Somewhere in this general area. Of course, their entry-level Slimline series is going to run much less than their premium Tribute. The Slimline should start out at perhaps $550 per window, fully installed, while the Tribute might start out at $750 per window fully installed. Their wood clad series is certainly going to run quite a bit more than Deas. Harvey doors are probably in the same price range - at the top of the mid range.

Harvey Windows Cost

Harvey Windows Cost: $$$/$$$$

Anderson Windows&Doors are some of the most expensive on the market. In general, wood clad is the priciest of all window frame options and Anderson sits at the top of this rather exclusive food chain. I would say the 400 series gets five $ out of five, while the 200 series would get four $ out of five. The 100 series would get three $ out of five, but this is against other composite windows, which are significantly less expensive than wood clad. The Architectural series would get six dollar signs out of five, which I know doesn’t make sense, but you get the picture. They are very very expensive.

Andersen Windows Cost

Andersen Windows Cost: $$$$/$$$$$
(Very Expensive)

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