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Wincore Windows vs Andersen

Wincore Windows vs Andersen

Wincore Windows vs Andersen - how do they stack up? Let's compare on company structure, what they sell, how they market, and what they cost.

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Wincore Windows vs Andersen

Company Information

Wincore is a West Virginia based company that started in 2007. They were founded by several Simonton executives that were dissatisfied with how this much larger company operated. (I actually don't know the specific gripes they had, but it was enough to push them to start an entirely new company) Today, Wincore Windows And Doors enjoys a good reputation in the industry.

Andersen is known throughout the United States with an extensive dealer network in all 50 states. They are based in Wisconsin and employ some 12,000 employees. They are a MUCH larger operation than Wincore and have been around for over 100 years.

What They Sell

In terms of what they sell, there isn't much cross over when it comes to Wincore Windows vs Andersen. WC sells all vinyl windows, with the 7700 and 8800 impact series being their most popular. They also sell an 8800 impact window, as well as two new construction models. What to find out more, read all of our Wincore Windows reviews.

Andersen, on the other hand, sells wood clad windows in the 200 and 400 series, as well as a fibrex composite 100 series. They also sell an A Series -- or Architectural series -- which is super high end.

Andersen Windows Reviews

Renewal By Andersen (also owned by the Anderson Corporation) sells a fibrex composite window that is beefier and better upgraded (glass, components, hardware) than the Andersen 100 -- but uses the exact same materials in the frame. (Andersen 100 Series Reviews)

Renewal By Andersen Reviews

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How They Market

Wincore sells their windows&doors using various dealers spread across much of the eastern half of the United States. This is a pretty standard approach in the industry.

Andersen sells in the big box stores, through contractors, and through a wide array of window installation companies. They sort fire on all cylinders if you will.

Renewal sells only through their exclusive network of franchised dealers, which spend lots of advertising and promotion in their local markets.

Cost Comparison

Wincore is comparable to Simonton windows costs -- somewhere in that mid range vinyl price range. Andersen is toward the top of the wood clad window cost range, although the 100 series is more in that mid range composite window price range.

Renewal By Andersen prices are at the very top of that composite price range - think $1600 to $2600 each - which includes the window installation cost.

Wincore Windows Price List

Andersen Windows Cost

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