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ProVia Endure vs Andersen Windows

ProVia Endure vs Andersen Windows

How do these two window options match up against one another? Let’s take a closer look at this window series and brand and compare them on company structure, what they sell, how they market, and what they cost.

Dane - Site Editor - Page Updated In November, 2023

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ProVia Endure vs Andersen Windows

Company Information

First off, the ProVia Endure is an actual window series, while Andersen is a brand. So the comparison here is a bit odd. The Endure is the premium series from ProVia Windows And Doors, located in Sugarcreek, Ohio. The comapny began as a door manufacturer, but now makes both vinyl windows&doors. Read all of our ProVia Doors reviews here.

Andersen is better known than ProVia (and probably all other companies with the possible exception of Pella). The Andersen Corporation owns both Andersen Windows And Doors, as well as Renewal, which is a franchise. They are best known for their wood windows and doors. Check out Renewal By Andersen reviews here.

Both of these companies enjoy very good reputations in the industry. They are two of the best.

What They Sell

The Endure series sells very well and with good reason - it is a very good vinyl window. I might put it in my top 15 picks. While the Endure has alwasy sold well in the past, its inclusion with Zen Windows beginning sometime in 2023 means they now sells even more Endure series than ever.

Andersen sells wood clad windows&doors - and lots of them. The company's lineup is in so many locations and with so many contractors and builders that they sell quite well. The unit that Andersen sells the most of is the 100 composite series that is sold in Home Depot - which obviously has loads of locations.

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How They Market

The Endure is marketed through the ProVia dealer network, as well as through Zen, which has branches in most major cities in the eastern United States. Along with the Aspect series, the Endure series is by far the most popular of the Pro-Via line up. The Aspect is also a very good window, but it’s not quite what the Endure is. Andersen markets their lineup of windows&doors through their dealer network, through the Big Box stores, and through the builders and contractors that have access to the Andersen lineup.

Andersen Windows Reviews

Cost Comparison

ProVia Endure Windows Cost are in the top 10% of vinyl windows prices, which does make sense since its such a solid series. While it’s hard to provide specific target pricing, I’d say $750 to $1000 per window for a normal sized Endure.

Andersen Window costs are also in the top 10% of the wood windows cost spectrum. Of course, wood-windows are much more expensive than vinyl-windows. So the Andersen 400 series might cost as much as $2500 each, which is obviously much more than what I quoted for the Endure.

Want to know more of my favorite window series? Shoot me a quick email and I’m happy to share with you my faves.

Homeowner Questions And Answers

ProVia Endure vs Andersen Windows

Hi Dane, we put off our window replacement project to do some other needed work, but we have run into a situation where we're going to need to move forward sooner than later.

Can you take a look at the attached proposal we received back in April for the Provia Endure and give me your feedback? I would really appreciate it!

We had also looked at Renewal but the Renewal By Andersen prices were simply too much.

That included the EPA Lead-Safe Installation - $12 per window


Endure Cost: $10,674
Renewal BY Andersen Prices: $25.5K

Jerry - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jerry I think 12 ProVia Endure windows for $10.6K is a fair price given today's bids. I know you had said that the Zen in your city had excellent reviews (or at least I thought I remembered you saying this!) If this is the case, then $885 each for a top tier vinyl window from a excellently-reviewed company is worth the cost -- and assuming you are staying in your home for a long enough period to make it worth it!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

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