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Best Hurricane Windows

Explore our picks for the very best hurricane windows currently available from a variety of manufacturers and price points.

Simonton Stormbreaker Plus

The Simonton Stormbreaker Plus is the company's certified impact window and will cost more than their 9800 Impressions option, even with the upgrades. The Stormbreaker Plus has a .90 thick glass interlayer, compared with a .60 thick glass interlayer on the 9800 series. The Stormbreaker has several nice upgrades, including tempered glass that will resist impact for rain and debris, as well as a steel reinforced sash rail.

The Stormbreaker has a Design Pressure rating of 65, which should be more than enough to stand up to most storms. The Stormbreaker is well designed and sturdy, although like many Simonton windows, is a pretty bland looking window. In terms of it's intended purpose, the Simonton Stormbreaker Plus window is a great option that is comparable in price and quality to the CWS Windpact series. Read all of our Simonton window reviews.

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Simonton Impressions 9800 Window

The Simonton 9800 Impressions window is considered a good option by many contractors. It is one of the few Simonton models that gets a thumbs up in terms of how it looks. It offers solid performance when it comes equipped with the proper glass package and the Super Spacer. Many installers also give the 9800 Impressions a thumbs up in terms of build quality.

The window should come standard with Sensor Glass, Super Spacer and argon gas fills. It has a U-Factor of around 0.30 and an SHGC of 0.26. In order to be hurricane code compliant, the 9800 series must be upgraded with an aluminum sill reinforcement and laminated glass, which will of course add to the cost of the window.

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CWS Windpact Window

CWS Windpact windows uses an 18 multichambered frame, Duralite spacer, dual pane 7/8" laminated glass with a .090" PVB interlayer and thick vinyl walls for a strong window that can stand up to significant storms and weather. The Windpact series is built for coastal applications on the East Coast as the company is headquartered in Ocala Florida. This hurricane window can be ordered in a number of configurations, including a single hung, casement, horizontal slider and picture window.

The 8100, 8200 and 8400 (available series or model numbers) can be ordered in a standard white, adobe or boronze, as well as an upgraded veneer color options that include natural cherry, anodized, golden oak, bronze, black cherry and medium maple. The Windpact also comes in a number of vinyl door options. Read all of our CWS windows reviews.

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PGT 400 Impact Window

The PGT 400 Series is designed as an impact window, the an aluminum reinforced sash. The standard glass package isn't rated for hurricanes but with upgrades it can serve as a hurricane window. It comes in various configurations, including optional nailing flange, extruded fin, simple buck frame, or J-channel. It is most often used in new construction. With the right glass package it can qualify for a tax credit. Read all of our PGT windows reviews.

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Stanek UltraExtreme Window

The UltraExtreme impact window offers DP70 ratings, which is pretty impressive, as well as a .21 U-factor. The window has laminate glass, nice corner welds and exterior screen. Again, the warranty doesn't cover glass breakage and is not transferrable. Stanek requires that you use their installers - this will add to the final price, but if there is an issue down the road you know who to blame. Read more Stanek reviews.

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Loewen StormForce Window

The Loewen StormForce is not cheap, but if you can afford it and need the durability then it can be a great investment. The interior is very close to the Standard series, but these are designed for coastal areas that face serious weather and need a window that can handle it. The engineering is upgraded to include impact resistant glazing and laminated glass with a DP50 rating, while still offering the style and great looks that Loewen is known for. ReadLoewen window reviews.

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