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Best Vinyl Windows

Explore recommendations for the best vinyl windows currently available (although not all selections and models may be available in your area). While these are our recommendations for top vinyl frame models and series, there are no doubt additional products that will provide excellent results as well.

HiMark Enviro-Star 800

The 800 EnviroStar from HiMark is regarded as one of the top vinyl windows available. The 800DX is very popular, with a frame thickness of 0.80, which makes it very durable and strong. The U-value is 0.36, and Air Infiltration is 0.01. It is one of the highest priced vinyl windows on the market, with a variety of colors and finishes for both the interior and exterior, plus some excellent hardware options including brass.

Installed DH Pricing: $650

Soft-Lite Imperial LS Series

The Pro and LS have very similar performance numbers but they are very different in design. The different manufacturing equipment causes differences in the welds. The LS has triple weather stripping and has an AI of 0.02, plus it uses kevlar for reinforcing. The Pro, with aluminum reinforcement, has an 0.07 AI. The LS also has an Intercept spacer, which is very good. This option is probably equal to the Anlin Coronado Model.

Installed DH Pricing: $600

Okna 500 Insul-Tec Series

The Okna 500 series is used as a replacement window, but sometimes is seen in new construction as well, with a nailing fin or a flange and J-channel. The efficiency numbers are a little better than the 400, with a U-value of 0.25, AI 0.02, SHGC 0.28, and DP50. In addition, it has some upgraded features. The sill wall is improved and it comes with a Duralite spacer. It is a good value for a mid-grade price.

Installed DH Pricing: $550

Sunrise Restorations Series

Sunrise's top window line, the Restorations is also their most expensive. Reinforced with fibercore on both the meeting rail and the vertical sash, it also features a Max Edge spacer and foam filled chambers. The frame and sash are fairly narrow, which give it clean lines and more glass area. Along with a high transparency screen, it has a clever tilt sash mechanism. The high quality finish makes it look close to real wood. A U-value of 0.28 and AI of 0.04 mean it ranks pretty high in energy efficiency. It is one of the favorite premium windows for both home owners and professionals alike.

Installed DH Pricing: $675

Gorell 5300 Series

Probably Gorell's number one window, the 5300 is a little more expensive than the 5100. Some homeowners don't like the bulkier frame. There are 6 different glass packages, with a U-value ranging from 0.29 to 0.18. Fiberglass reinforced sash and foam insulated frames can improve efficiency even more. The 5300 is comparable to the Okna 500 Series.

Installed DH Pricing: $550

PGT 2300 Series

The 2300 is well made and looks good, and is one of PGTs best known models. It comes as a double hung, slider, or picture window and has a multi-chambered frame. The heavy vinyl and reinforced aluminum sash make it a sturdy, durable window. It doesn't have an interior wood finish but does include double strength glass. The double hung features a top sash that tilts in for easy cleaning. With a good glass package the AI is around 0.04 and the DP50 rating makes it comparable to the Gorell 5300 or the Simonton 5500.

Installed DH Pricing: $600

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