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Editor's Solace Window Review

Solace Windows is a standalone website run by Sunrise Windows. Solace Windows sells the Sunrise Restorations model, which is considered an excellent vinyl fiberglass window.

Features of this window include a fibercore-reinforced meeting rail and vertical sash, foam filled chambers, and XL Edge spacer. Other features include a sloped sill, tilt sash mechanism, triple weatherstripping, and high transparency screen. These windows have a nice slim, clean profile, but still maintains nice strength and durability.

Nice performance data to go with it -- U-factor 0.27, air infiltration at .04. There are better performing windows out there by Soft-Lite, Ideal and Okna, but this window combines great features and looks with strength and craftsmanship. S

olace Windows are sold by authorized dealers so they are free to charge as much as they want for the window. I'd say as long as the price quote is fair (multiple bids will answer this question) and the installation company has a good track record, then the Solace Window should be considered an excellent option.

Tim - Site Editor

Solace Windows By Sunrise

Hi, we have read a lot about Sunrise windows and we like what we have read. My husband and I had a window person come out to discuss replacing our 33 years old Andersen windows. The person suggested to us the Solace window by Sunrise. We think it's really nice. However, we cannot find any information about the Solace line other than in the brochure and on the website. Do you know anything about the Solace windows? We presume they are quality windows based on the Sunrise name.

Any feedback you have about this line of window we would appreciate.

Thank you for your time.

Ashley - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Ashley, the Solace windows by Sunrise are identical to the Sunrise Restorations window, which is a truly excellent window in my opinion. Assuming the price quoted is not astronomical, and the dealer installing it has a good track record and reviews, I'd say you have a very solid performer in the Restorations or Solace window. That has been the only knock I've ever heard on Solace is the cost quote.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

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