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Jeld Wen Window Prices

Jeld Wen window prices are at the low to mid range of the vinyl and aluminum window market and often sold through big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes that are designed for a price conscious shoppers. Their higher priced lines are well made, but have a hard time competing against the top end wood and aluminum manufacturers like Andersen and Loewen windows. Read all 15 of our Jeld Wen Windows reviews.

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Builder's Vinyl Series

The Builders Vinyl is sold at Lowe's and Home Depot. It's a cheap budget window, suited for a rental property or short term solution. The installation makes a big difference in satisfaction. A good installer can overcome a lot of faults in design and manufacture.

» Builder's Vinyl Pricing

Premium Vinyl Series

This line is a little better than the Builder's Vinyl. The Milgard Tuscany and Gorell 5100 are about the same price but have better reputations.

» Premium Vinyl Pricing

Builder's Wood Series (Vinyl Clad)

Jeld Wen's Builder's Wood line is a vinyl clad builder's grade window. An entry level window, it is priced to appeal to builder's and so has the same faults any low end model has - lower quality manufacture and poor design. The Marvin Integrity is higher priced, but a much better window.

» Builder Wood Pricing

Jeld-Wen Aluminum Windows (4 Levels)

Builder Series (Aluminum)

Jeld-Wen's Builder Series is a low-end aluminum clad window that mainly sells to builders and contractors. Homeowners looking for a replacement window would be advised to move up to the Siteline or Custom Wood windows from Jeld-Wen.

» Builder Aluminum Pricing

Siteline EX Series (Aluminum)

Sitelines are a good, sturdy window for a low price. With the nailing flange included in the extrusions, they are stronger and do well in new construction. They come with a better-view screen and have a good warranty.

» Siteline EX Pricing

Custom Wood Series (Aluminum)

This used to be called the Pozzi Series. One of Jeld-Wen's better lines, it features an aluminum clad wood interior. The wood is treated with Auralast, so it looks good for a long time. This is definitely one of the companies better offerings.

» Custom Wood Pricing

Premium Atlantic (Aluminum)

The Premium Atlantic is an aluminum frame window priced in the mid to high range. It isn't regarded as one of the top aluminum windows on the market but gets decent reviews.

» Premium Atlantic Pricing

IPEX Series (Sliding Patio Doors)

One of Jeld-Wen's best vinyl offerings, it has an "Evertone" finish that is better than standard painted finishes. Rated at DP50, they can withstand some heavy winds and have a lifetime warranty for materials and labor if they do the install.

» IPEX Series Pricing

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