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Best Single Hung Windows

Explore our picks for the best single hung windows on the market. There is always going to be debate when it comes to single vs double hungs. Many contractors and installers say that single hung windows are cheap builder grade windows, while double hungs are better made and constructed. There used to be quite a bit of truth to that, but mainly due to the fact that manufacturers built single hung windows as a low cost alternative to the double hung.

Intrinsically, there is nothing about a single hung that would make it inferior to a double hung. In fact, with less moving parts, a well made single hung will do better in terms of overall energy efficiency than a similarly made double hung.

At the end of the day, the best way to compare windows is through performance numbers, specifically through design pressure, air infiltration (or air leakage), U-factor and SHGC.

There are some excellent single hung windows out there. Here are our picks.

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Best Single Hung Vinyl Windows

Explore our three picks for top vinyl single hung windows.

Premium Option: Okna 500 Series

The Okna Insul Tec window (also their 500 Series) is available in a single hung, and can be ordered as either a replacement window or in a new construction set up (this includes a nailing fin or a flange and J-channel). The efficiency numbers are awesome - U-value of 0.25, AI 0.02, SHGC 0.28, and DP50. In addition, it has some upgraded features. The sill wall is improved and it comes with a Duralite spacer. It is a good value for a mid-grade price.

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Mid Range Option: Amerimax Craftsman Portrait Window

The Amerimax Craftsman Portrait window is the mid range option and a step up from the Maters Grande series. It offers more robust weatherstripping and a better spacer between the window glass. Like the Masters Grande, it offers even sightlines and comes with a 20 year warranty on parts and labor. Performance wise, expect a u-value 0.28, SHGC 0.29.

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Budget Option: Simonton Pro-Finish Contractor

The Pro-Finish Contractor is available as a single hung and is a new construction window, meaning it comes with the nail fin that allows the window to be nailed securely into the rough opening. If you are looking for a replacement window, then the Simonton Asure is a very similar option, with a slightly better balance system the the Pro-Finish Contractor. The Pro-FinishThe Pro-Finish uses the same sash design as the Simonton 5500 window (an upgraded version of the Assure model.) The Pro-Finish uses a decent mainframe and should come standard as a DP35. See our Consumer Reports Best Windows page to see how the Pro-Finish stood up to other vinyl windows.

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