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Best Double Hung Windows

Check out all of our recommendations for the best double hung windows on the market. Read reviews on specific brands and companies, as well as a basic price range point for each one.

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Best Double Hung Vinyl Windows

Explore our three picks for top vinyl double hung windows.

Premium Option: Okna 800 Series

The Okna 800 or EnviroStar is regarded as one of the best vinyl windows available. The 800 DX series, which is the upgraded package, uses a frame thickness of 0.80, which makes it very durable and strong with an Air Infiltration of 0.01 (basically its as good as you can get). The 800 series can be ordered with a variety of colors and finishes for both the interior and exterior, plus some excellent hardware options, including some very nice metal options. Another window we really like that is also a premium priced vinyl window that comes as a double hung is the Soft Life Elements window.

Mid Range Option: Milgard Tuscany

There are a ton of very solid mid range vinyl double hung windows out there. The Milgard Tuscany window is one of many excellent options that will cost roughly 10% more than their entry level Styline series and provides a better better efficiency rating and a thicker frame. The classic look is popular and fits many home styles. Upgrades include an upgraded lock, vent stops, a wider spacer and higher quality screen. If you add on the 3D Max glass package it becomes a real competitor with the Simonton 7300 window or the standard Champion model. The lifetime warranty includes glass breakage. The U-value is 0.29 and the SHGC is 0.21. It isn't a top-shelf window that grabs the attention, but it's a solid performer that looks good and really lasts.

Budget Option: Simonton Pro-Finish Contractor

The Pro-Finish Contractor is actually very similar to their Simonton Assure window, what was once known as the Reflections 5050 series. However, the Pro-Finish uses a slightly weaker balance system so the Assure would get the edge over the Pro-Finish. The Pro-Finish is a new construction window, meaning it comes with the nail fin that allows the window to be nailed securely into the rough opening. The Pro-Finish uses the same sash design as the Simonton 5500 casement (an upgraded version of the Assure model.) The Pro-Finish has a decent main frame and should come standard as a DP35.

Best Double Hung Wood Windows

Explore our top picks for double hung wood clad windows.

Premium Option: Marvin Ultimate

The Marvin Ultimate window is a high end wood clad window that can be used as new construction or for a replacement window. The price tag is well below competitors such as the Andersen Architectural windows or the Loewen Cyprium Collection, but it's still widely regarded as one of the best wood windows on the market. The company offers the Ultimate in mahogany, cherry, white oak, fir and douglas pine and can be ordered as a double hung, tilt turn, casement, awning, horizontal slider, bay or bow, round top and hopper window. The Ultimate offers full customization with tons of upgrades and options through their distributors. Of course, all of these add ons can easily push the per unit price to well over $1000 an opening.

-- Price Range: $1100 to $1500 installed --

Mid Range Option: Andersen 400 Series

The Andersen 400 window is similar to their 200 series but with several upgrades. With more sizes, colors, and options to choose from, it also features better manufacturing standards. The Tilt-Wash is similar to the Tilt-Wash in the 200 Series but without the flawed sill. The Woodwright, although it uses the same frame and sill as the Tilt-Wash, has a sash with a fibrex finish and comes in a more limited array of colors and sizes. In the 400, we definitely recommend the Woodwright option over the Tilt-Wash.

-- Price Range: $1000 to $1400 installed --

Budget Option: Marvin Integrity Series

The Marvin Integrity window comes in two options, either a full Ultrex frame or a wood interior with the Ultrex exterior cladding. The Integrity offers less options than the Infinity in terms of custom sizing, exterior frame colors, etc. It comes standard with a 10 year warranty on defects, a 20 year warranty on the glass and lifetime frame coverage. It is one of the best options for a reasonably priced wood clad window from one of the best names in the business.

-- Price Range: $900 to $1200 installed --

Best Double Hung Fiberglass Windows

Explore our top pick for double hung fiberglass windows.

Premium Pick: Marvin Infinity

The Marvin Infinity window comes in either a full Ultrex fiberglass frame or an Ultrex exterior with an Everwood on the interior. Everwood is a wood veneer that closely mimics the look of wood, but doesn't require the maintenance of real wood. The Infinity will typically run $50 to $100 more than a comparable Integrity series due to the thicker frame and more bells and whistles that come standard. It also has a nicer finish and a better warrant, which covers 20 years for the glass and lifetime for everything else.

-- Price Range: $1000 to $1300 installed --

Mid Range Option: Milgard Ultra

The Milgard Ultra window is often rated behind the Integrity and Infinity when looking at fiberglass. It doesn't have the curb appeal of some competitors, but it does have a great option for a real wood interior. The warranty is very good and it's a great choice if you really want fiberglass but can't quite afford the Marvin.

-- Price Range: $800 to $1100 installed --

Best Double Hung Composite Windows

Explore our top pick for double hung composite windows.

Premium Pick: Okna 900 Starmark Series

The Okna Starmark has a thick frame, which makes for a strong and durable window, but also means less glass area. It is considered one of the best composite windows, but home owners with smaller window openings might prefer something with more glass. This model is comparable to Renewal By Andersen window cost, although the Okna often gets better reviews at a lower price.

-- Price Range: $1000 to $1300 installed --

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