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Simonton 5500 Windows Prices

Simonton 5500 windows prices are in the mid to slightly high end vinyl window range, depending on the size of the window opening, glass package and hardware options selected and the type of installation required. Learn more about this model and get unbiased analysis of it strengths and weaknesses. This Simonton window is also referred to as the Reflections 5500 or the Prism Platinum, depending on where you are located and the distributor you are dealing with. Ask whoever you are dealing with to explain which model you are looking at to help clear up any confusion - any good salesperson should jump at the opportunity to explain the models etc. This model is one of their best selling windows and generally is well received by many industry experts. The window comes standard with double strength glass and a decent super spacer - expect performance numbers to come in as follows: U-value .31, AI .07, SHGC .26 - all decent numbers. The knock on this model is that it's a bit bulky and lacking in terms of aesthetics. The bottom line is that the Simonton 5500 model is a good window at a mid range price.

Price Range: $450 to $550 Installed

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