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Picture Windows

Picture windows are typically large, fixed frame windows that can create amazing visual focal points for homes. They can be expensive, depending on their size, but they can transform a wall into something pretty special. Read all of our picture window reviews.

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Picture Window Basics

Picture windows are often used synonymously with the term fixed frame windows, which are ones that cannot be opened. This differs from one styles such as single hungs or casements that can be opened or closed by the homeowner. The downside of picture windows is that they can't be opened to let the afternoon breeze in or for easy cleaning. On the flip side, they offer much better performance numbers because they have no moving parts and the seals and glazing is always stationary and not prone to the wear and tear as is the case with these movable windows.

Picture Window Costs

Picture window prices vary tremendously because of differences in size, complexity of installation, type of frame, quality of the glass panes, hardware and other adds on and upgrades. However, many homeowners consider these to be some of the best replacement windows in how they can transform the look of a home - this is also true of bow and bay windows, which are also expensive styles.

-- Price Range: $250 to $2,500 Installed --

Recommended Manufacturers

Some window companies make great bay windows, others make great double hungs. Here are some of our recommendations for picture window manufacturers. The first two specialize in vinyl windows, while the last two are known more for their wood windows.

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