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Window Gas Fills

Window gas fills are used in double and triple pane windows to help reduce the amount of energy transfer from one pane to the other. They are one of the mechanismc, along with spacers, glazing, seals and low-e glass, that help make dual pane windows much more energy efficienct that they were in the past. Get additional pricing information with our window cost calculator and estimator.

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Gas Fill Basics

There are two main types of gas used with residential windows; argon and krypton. Argon is the less expensive option and is ideal when there is airspace between the panes of 7/16" to 1/2". Krypton tends to be more expensive and is ideal when there is an airspace that measures 1/4" to 5/16". The gas is inserted between the glass panes during the manufacturing process and helps lower the amount of heat or cold that can transfer from one pane to the other. This help keeps the home cooler during hot months and warmer during cold months.

Window Gas Fill Costs

Expect argon fills to run an additional $25 per window and krypton fills to run roughly $50 per window. Many mid range to high end double pane windows come standard with argon gas fills. Some do not and offer this or krypton fills as an optional upgrade.

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