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Okna Windows vs Pella

Okna Windows vs Pella

Okna Windows vs Pella - how do these two brands match up head to head? Let’s take a closer look.

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Okna Windows vs Pella | Comparison Shopping

Company Information

Okna is the much less well-known name in the industry as compared to Pella. The company is based out of Bristol Pennsylvania and has been in business since 1994. Okna enjoys a very good reputation in the vinyl window market (at least for those in the "know").

Pella is certainly the better known brand over Okna in the window industry. They’ve been around since 1925 and are owned by the Pella Corporation, headquartered in Iowa. They enjoy a stellar repuation in the high end wood clad window market, and I would say a middling reputation in the fiberglass and vinyl market.

What They Sell

Okna sells a handful of vinyl window models and doors, including the 500, 600, 700 and 800 series, as well as one composite series called the Starmark Evo. Okna makes some of the highest quality windows and doors in the vinyl market. As well, their composite series is the best in the business in my opinion.

Pella offers a wider variety of materials - vinyl, fiberglass, and wood clad windows&doors. Pella makes what I would say is a “good” vinyl window in the 250 and 350 series. Their fiberglass Impervia leaves much to be desired, but their wood clad series are very good - some of the best in the business. (One note here: I do think consumers need to be wary of the cost, upkeep and warranty details on wood clad window series prior to buying them - they are simply not for everyone.)

Okna Windows Reviews

How They Market

Both of these companies sell their windows through dealer networks, which are essentially local window companies who rep, oftentimes, multiple window brands to local customers. (This different from say a company like Renewal By Andersen that uses T.V. And print marketing to reach out to their customer base.) However, Pella has a much bigger network than Okna, and they also sell several models or series in the big box stores, primarily Lowes. Okna is available in maybe half of all U.S. states, primarily in the Northeast and mid western states.

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Cost Comparison

Okna products are not cheap, in fact, they are one of the priciest brands in the vinyl market. However, the quality makes the purchase worth it, and there are quite of few bids I’ve seen over the years that offer considerable value for the price quote.

Okna Windows Cost

Pella is likewise quite expensive as a brand. I think part of this is for the Pella name. I tend to think you’re overpaying a bit for the quality, but this certainly isn’t always the case.

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