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Vinyl Windows Prices

Explore vinyl windows prices, which range from $189 to $750 installed. There is a huge price range for vinyl windows, which make up just over half of the entire replacement window market. Products range from cheap and poorly constructed windows to excellent design, construction and performance models. Vinyl is a popular frame material and many of the higher end models and series stack up well with fiberglass and aluminum frames. For additional information, check out our recommendation page on the best vinyl windows available.

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Low End Vinyl Windows Prices

There are literally hundreds of low end to middling window manufacturers out there. They purchase vinyl extrusions, glass, spacers, hardware, grids, screens, etc. and put together the windows in their factory. There are loads of ways to cut corners and produce a mediocre window and lots of them do it. They market their vinyl windows as "just as good as the big guys" (not to say that bigger is always better) and claim that their low prices are based on their smaller overhead. The problem is that 5 years down the road you have a problem and no real recourse. There are some decent cheap replacement windows out there that will get the job done and will be easy on your pocket book -- assuming thorough and competent installation of course.

-- Price Range: $189 to $350 Installed --

Four of the top contenders in this cost range include...

Simonton Assure
Ply Gem Pro
Silverline 9500
Great Lakes Bayshore

Mid Range Vinyl Windows Prices

This mid range price point is, to be honest, what most American homeowners should be shooting for - a nice vinyl window with good installation will offer the best value out there. Typically the mid range window line uses the exact same design and frame as the higher end model, minus some of the nicer bells and whistles. However, from a performance point of view, they should be very close to the more expensive models. Basically, you are getting all of the important pieces of the window, but in a less pretty package.

-- Price Range: $350 to $550 Installed --

Four of the top contenders in this cost range include...

Milgard Tuscany
Okna 500 Insul-Tec
Soft-Lite Classic
Polaris ThermalWeld

High End Vinyl Windows Prices

Higher end vinyl windows are typically much nicer looking than a lower end vinyl frame, but there still not in the same category as a wood window - compare vinyl vs wood windows here. They do however offer some of the best energy efficiency and performance numbers in the industry (they blow the doors off of wood windows for instance). Many of these premium products have great bells and whistles such as retractable locking mechanisms, sill latches, interior wood veneers and metal hardware. For homeowners looking for well made and excellent performing windows that look good (but not great) and require no maintenance, these are the windows for you.

-- Price Range: $550 to $750 Installed --

Four of the top contenders in this cost range include...

HiMark 800
Sunrise Restorations
PGT 2300
Soft-Lite Elements

Vinyl Windows Questions And Answers

Jeld Wen Wenco Collection

17 years ago I installed Jeld-Wen Wenco vinyl-clad wood casement windows in the house I built for my wife and I. Since then, I have been generally well satisfied with their performance except for one thing. Over time, on nearly every one of them, the bottom stile has rotted out and allowed the open/close mechanism to become inoperable as there is nothing to hold it in place to provide the leverage to move the sash.

After spending about an hour perusing your website evaluating windows, I would like to know your opinion comparing vinyl-clad wood, vinyl, and fiberglass windows in terms of their durability, quality of construction, and price, and which one delivers the best bang for the buck?

Joyce - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Joyce, my opinion on materials is this: vinyl, fiberglass and vinyl clad wood windows are all potentially good windows. Vinyl windows are the most cost effective and top tier vinyl windows offer excellent durability, construction and performance numbers. Fiberglass is more expensive than vinyl (say 15 to 25%) and offers all the same advantages, plus perhaps a little more longevity.

Vinyl clad is more expensive, much better looking and less impressive performance numbers and durability. For my own house, I bought high quality vinyl windows that have a lifetime warranty and have excellent performance data. They aren't exactly things of beauty, but they certainly don't take away from the aesthetic of the house. They provide excellent long term value, but remember that with vinyl, the key is to get a quality vinyl window. Low end vinyl can be total junk.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

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