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Replacement Windows In Missouri

Explore replacement windows in Missouri and find popular and available manufacturers throughout the state.

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Sunrise Windows

Sunrise has a number of dealers in Missouri that should be available in most parts of the state. Sunrise is considered a top tier vinyl window manufacturer by most contractors, consumers and industry insiders. The only exception to this rule is their entry level Essentials models. The standard Sunrise frame is quite solid and their other upgraded models, including the Verde Vanguard and Restoration, all use this basic frame, along with some nice glass, component and part upgrades. Their top-of-the-line Restoration is one of our picks for the best replacement vinyl windows available.

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Zen Windows

Zen windows are a rebranded Soft-Lite brand and are available in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Rebadge or rebranded windows simply means that the parent company, in this case, Soft-Lite sells their windows through a specific set of distributors, using a different product name. In this case Zen Windows. Essentially, the Zen Karma is the equivalent to the Soft-Lite Barrington, the Zen Nirvana is the equivalent to the Soft-Lite Classic, and the Zen Lotus is the equivalent to the Soft-Lite Pro. While the Barrington is not considered a very good vinyl window, both the Soft-Lite Classic and the Soft-Lite Pro are considered good quality quality vinyl windows.

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Vista Windows

Vista windows is located in Lordstown, Ohio and has been manufacturing windows and doors since 2001. Vista has at least one St. Louis, Missouri distributor that we could find and we will update this information as we receive it. The company really only produces or manufactures one vinyl window, which is called the Panorama Series. We assume this is because they hope to increase their window offerings overtime. Vista window prices fall into the mid range of the overall vinyl window price structure. All in all, the Panorama vinyl window is a very solid second-tier vinyl window that consumers that find at a good price point should be very happy with. T

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Champion Windows

There are a number of local Champion branches and showrooms throughout the state of Missouri. Champion makes one vinyl model or series that comes in a variety of styles such as a single hung, double hung, casement, slider etc. Champion windows prices will run in the mid to high end for vinyl window pricing. All of the installation is from Champion certified installers, which is part of the reason for the higher price. For the most part, installers and contractors think the window is solidly made and contructed. Champion double pane window offers a U-value 0.29, AI 0.17 and SHGC 0.19,

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Best Windows In St. Louis

Hello Dane, I am in the process of doing my research on replacing 12 plus windows in my home in St. Louis, MO. all double hung 5 of which are smaller than standard size. My budget is $600-$700 dollars per window. My question is a fiberglass window within my budget and who would you recommend. I read that sunrise restorations makes one. How much better is Fiberglass vs Vinyl. Is it worth the extra $? Vinyl is still an option for me but do not know where to begin to as there are so many companies pushing their vinyl windows.

Appreciate your help.

John - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

John, with today's prices, I would say that $700 is not going to get you a fiberglass window, but remember that prices can be all over the board. Typically, fiberglass will run one third more than vinyl. The Sunrise Restorations is an excellent window and more of a vinyl/fiberglass hybrid than anything else. My advise to you is to collect a few bids and see how local companies bid it out. Check out my best windows list for some quality products and series.

[St. Louis replacement window list Redacted -- contact Tim) for his list.]

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

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