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Window World $189 Special

Window World $189 Special

It was over a decade ago that the Window World $189 special was on every single T.V. set in America. The deal still exists, just at a different price point. Let's take a closer look at the special offered and how it has changed over the years.

Bottom Line: The Window World $189 special is for a window that will not provide much in terms of energy efficiency or longevity. By the time you make all your upgrades, you might be relatively close to the cost of a decent to good vinyl window from a better brand or manufacturer. This is one of the reasons why it's so important to collect multiple bids - in order to see what Window World will charge and compare this to other local companies who might be selling a superior brand.

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"The Window World teaser price is for a completely stripped-down vinyl window. By the time consumers have upgraded enough to have an energy efficient window, that Window World price point is often in line with other windows on the market."

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Window World History

Years ago, Window World offered a $189 special for vinyl windows, including installation. It was a popular and effective marketing campaign - spearheaded by a national ad from supermodel Kathy Ireland. It definitely got the attention of lots of consumers. One because Miss Ireland was easy on the eyes and two because the deal was so seemingly inexpensive. Today, they still offer a similar deal, but the price point has changed. Instead of the $189, it’s now more like $349 installed. Regardless of the price point, let's take a look at the Window World $189 special.

How The Special Works

The primary purpose of the very low price point is to get consumers interested - and the Window World rep in the door. Once the salesperson is in the home, then the real work begins. First, the rep will go around the home and measure all of the windows that need replacing. Once that part of the home visit is complete, then they show you the options.

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Window World Windows

The $189 or $249 or $349 teaser price is essentially for a completely stripped-down vinyl window - their entry level window with clear glass and not much else. From here, everything that consumers want to add to the window will increase the per window price.

So for instance, if you’d like to add low-e glass this will add say $50, grids might add another $25, a non metallic spacer might add $25, new construction installation will add $250 per window, lead removal will add $25, upgrading to a casement or awning might add $50 per window. Finally, upgrading to a better overall window series will add 20% to that base price.

You can see how these simple add-ons can really add to that initial teaser price. Interestingly, high quality vinyl windows often include many of these features as standard. By the time consumers have upgraded enough to have an energy efficient window, that Window World price point is usually more in line with many other available windows on the market.

Window World Quality

In general, WW still does a pretty good job of charging in that lower end price point when compared to other manufacturers. However, their windows are also not even close to the best in the business. Lately though, Window World has started using Wincore for their impact series and Simonton for their vinyl windows (but only in select branches). In their majority of their branches, they still use Alside and MI windows - both of which are considered builder grade or cheap vinyl windows.

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