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Bay Windows

Bay windows are a beautiful addition to the home, they can give the feeling of increased space as they expand the walls beyond their original boundaries. Bays are three windows which are joined together at an angle and comprised of a larger center window and then a smaller window on either side. Bay windows create plenty of natural light which can flood the home, automatically making a small kitchen feel brighter and more spacious. They are similar to bow windows, although bays are more angled than a bow unit, which is more subtlety arced.

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Costs & Pricing

Bay windows prices range from $1,000 to $4,000 - this includes the cost of the windows and the installation.

-- Price Range: $1,000 to $4,000 fully installed --

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Bay Window Advantages

Natural Light

Bay windows are large, so there is plenty of glass to allow the natural light to flow into the home. This is hugely advantageous for anyone who enjoys a light and bright home. Because the windows sit at angles to one another, they allow the light to penetrate, bouncing off all the walls into the room.

Outdoors Welcomed Indoors

Because a bay window spans beyond the house wall, it can give the sense that it's sitting outdoors, immediately creating an indoor outdoor flow. Often, bays have an interior seating area that borders the r below, providing a seating area with spectacular outdoor views.

Help Keep Indoors Warm

Bay windows comprise of three windows which allow sunlight to burst into the room. This doesn't only brighten the room, but can help heat the room as well. Anyone living in a cooler climate will appreciate what extra heat these windows can provide. It is important to ensure that the windows chosen are energy efficient, reducing the risk of air leaks and allowing any warm air to escape. Double or triple paned windows, low e-coating glass and gas fills are ways to ensure the windows are energy efficient.

Stylish Design

Bay windows are available in a choice of designs and styles which complement both the interior and exterior of the home. These windows add character to any style of home.

Increase Property Value

Bay windows are visually appealing, which can add real value to a property, making it more appealing to potential purchasers. Another factor which makes the property more appealing is the energy efficiency of these windows.

Top Manufacturers

Here are four top manufacturers of bay windows. Okna and Polaris windows are in the mid price range while Andersen and Marvin windows at the top end of the price spectrum.


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