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Jeld Wen Windows vs Andersen

Jeld Wen Windows vs Andersen

Let's compare Jeld Wen Windows vs Andersen - specifically on company structure, what they sell, how they market, and their respective price points. In case you don't want to read in depth, here are my basic summations on these two titans of the window world.

Andersen Windows And Doors Summed Up

Andersen is a quality brand that is known for their wood clad windows, their 100 composite (sold through Home Depot), and their Renewal franchise. They deserve their good reputation in my opinion, but they tend to be some of the priciest windows on the residential market.

Andersen Windows Cost: $$$$

Jeld Wen Windows And Doors Summed Up

Jeld Wen makes quality doors, but their windows, at least in my opinion, leave something to be desired - they are more suited to house flips than to offering long-term value. I think Jeld Wen is an excellent option for doors, but they are not a top tier brand in terms of their vinyl windows. ( Related Topic: Worst Window Brands )

Jeld Wen Windows Cost:$$/$$$
(Very Reasonable)

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Excellent Doors, Mediocre Vinyl Windows
Window Series: V2500, V4500, W2500, And W4500
Where To Buy: Found In Big Box Stores And Across The U.S.
Price Point: 4, 5, And 6 Out Of 10 (Amongst All Vinyl Windows)

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Jeld Wen Windows vs Andersen

Company Information

Anderson Windows And Doors is based out of Bayport, Minnesota and employees some 13,000 individuals across the country. The company been in business for over 100 years and they are probably the most well-known window manufacturer in the United States. Andersen has a reputation for quality wood windows/doors, but they are typically more expensive than many other mass marketed brands on the market. There are some high end specialty brands that are going to be way more expensive, but we don't need to touch on that here.

Andersen Windows Reviews

Jeld Wen Windows And Doors is also one of the most well-known brands in the United States, although I believe that Andersen has them beat. Nonetheless, a big reason for Jeld Wen's brand awareness is that they are available in stores like Home Depot, Menards, and Dixieline. The company has been around for nearly 100 years, and employees over 23,000 people in their plants, factories, etc. (This large number of employees came as quite a shock to me if I'm being honest. I was under the impression that Anderson had more I know.)

Jeld Wen Windows Reviews

What Andersen Sells

200 And 400 Series - Anderson sells wood clad windows in the 200 and 400 series. The 200 and 400 are sold mainly through their network of dealers (local companies) that stretches across the United States. They also sell these high-end series through builders and high-end contractors who then turn around and sell them to their customers.

100 Series - Anderson also sell the 100 composite series window. The 100 series is sold through home improvement stores such as Home Depot. I would imagine there are a lot more 100 series sold than 200 or 400 series for the obvious reason that they are 100s of Home Depot across the United States.

A Series - Anderson sells an additional window in the A series, which stands for architectural. This is an even higher-end wood window than the 400 series and is sold through select dealers. It is both better looking than the 400 and is very expensive.

Renewal - The last Anderson "product" is the Renewal by Anderson. Renewal is a much different beast than the rest of their lineup. Renewal is, in fact, a franchise of Anderson with branches or locations in many of the urban markets across the United States. Renewal sells a version of the 100 series that uses the same composite fibrex frame. However, the Renewal frame is beefier and comes with many upgraded parts, components and glass. (The Renewal is the 100 series on steroids if you will.)

Renewal By Andersen Reviews

What Jeld Wen Sells

Vinyl - The company sells quite a few window and door options. In the big box stores, Jeld Wen sells mostly the more entry level or budget options, which include the V2500 and V4500 window series. Neither of these windows is considered all that great. In fact, I don’t hear about them very often.

Wood - The company sells two wood clad windows - the W2500 and the W4500 series. I will say this about Jedwin wood windows. They are treated with something called Auralast they come with a lifetime warranty on the wood frame, which is more or less unheard of in the industry. Most wood windows Have a 25 year warranty, which tells you how long the companies expect their products to last.

Aluminum - Jeld Wen also makes aluminum windows, which are sold in many commercial applications. I see Jeld Wen frequently used on big apartment complexes, because they are a low cost option. Jeldon doors, as I said, prior to this, are typically good quality. But my suggestion would be to buy the models and options available through quality dealers as opposed to what is sold through big box stores.

Marketing - Jeld Wen sells their windows in many of the big box stores. This gives them a lot of sales, however, typically it’s a rather low price point. There wood clad and aluminum windows, as well as all of their commercial sales, happens through either their extensive dealer network, or through larger contractors or building development companies. Jeld Wen tends to be less in the residential market when compared to other windows sellers such as Simonton, renewal by Anderson, and smaller operations like Okna. The Jeld Wen dealer network is pretty expensive and spans across his least the 48 continuous states.

Cost Comparison

Jeld Wen Windows Cost are typically at the lower end for the vinyl window market. I should say low to mid range for vinyl windows. Their wood windows are towards that mid range for wood windows cost, which are obviously more expensive than their vinyl counterparts. Actually, I don’t know about the aluminum window cost for Jeld Wen, but I’m assuming it’s in that 5 to 6 range on a 1 to 10 scale, I tend to think that Jeld Wen wood clad windows, at least those to carry the lifetime warranty on the wood material, is actually a pretty decent option for homeowners who definitely want wood clad, but don’t want to pay that really high premium cost.

Andersen Windows prices on the 200 series probably starts out at about $1200 per window installed and might go up to say $1800. The 400 series is probably 25% more than this so let’s say it starts out at $1500 per window and might go up to $2500 per window or more. And these are installed costs. The A series is probably all over the board, but this might start out at $1800 per window and go up to as much as $3000 or more per window fully installed. The 100 series, again sold at Home Depot and elsewhere, might start out at $650 per window installed and go up to say $900 per window installed. I'd say these are pretty fair prices.

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Andersen vs Jeld Wen

Hi, I am a firefighter part time home builder. I am looking to replace my windows in my personal home. I live in Sanger TX and would like to see your list of favorite windows for the north Texas region. I have built homes with both Anderson and Jeld Wen but I was looking at something else and wanted your opinion.

Fred - Homeowner - from 2024

[Site Editor's Answer]

Fred here is my list of recommended windows! I don't believe that Okna has a rep in Texas, but I have heard in the past that they are sometimes willing to sell direct if you were looking to go DIY. ( Okna Windows Reviews )

Dane - Site Editor - from 2024

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