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Paradigm Windows vs Andersen | Best Window Brands

Andersen and Paradigm don’t share a heck of lot in common with one another. Andersen sells wood clad windows and doors, while Paradigm is all about the vinyl. Paradigm is strictly sold in east half of the country, while Andersen is everywhere. Scroll down for much more on Paradigm Windows vs Andersen.

On the pricing front, Paradigm is well priced within the vinyl window space, while Andersen is one of the priciest window brands in the wood-clad space.

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Paradigm Window Costs: $$$
(3 out of 5)
(Amongst All Vinyl Windows)

Paradigm Windows vs Andersen | Company Info

Paradigm Windows vs Andersen

Paradigm is Portland, Maine based and has been in the fenestration since 1981. This makes them a relative newcomer when compared to Andersen. The company operates across most of the midwest and northeast states, as well as many of the upper Atlantic states. (Andersen is available in all 50 states). 
Paradigm Windows is considered a good manufacturer within the industry. However, they are nowhere near as well known as Andersen (who are perhaps the best known window brand in the U.S.). Paradigm is somewhere near the top of the 2nd tier of vinyl window brands.

Andersen is headquartered in Minnesota and have been in the fenestration business for over one hundred years. As mentioned above, the company operates in all 50 states. Overall, Andersen Windows enjoys a very good reputation for quality products and service. In fact, they are probably the most well known window brand in the U.S.

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What They Sell

Paradigm offers two vinyl window series (each of which can be ordered in either a retrofit or in new construction option). Their series include the 5 Series and 8 Series. In the past, the comany sold their quite popular 8300 series, but they have effectively mothballed this series name.

Conversely, Andersen makes four primary window and door series. These include the 
100 composite series, the 200 and 400 wood clad series and the ultra high end A series. The 100 series is sold through Home Depot and their hundreds of stores across the U.S. This is all the marketing that this window needs.

The Andersen 200, 400, and A series re sold through Andersen’s extensive dealer network across all 50 states. Basically local companies rep the brand and sell these window and doors to their customers. Anderson also sells directly to contractors or developers who then install the windows and charge their customers for the product cost plus their markup.

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Cost Comparison

Paradigm windows cost are about as down the middle of what vinyl windows cost in general as you could ask for. So, nowhere near the top of the heap like Okna Windows prices. However, nowhere 
near the bottom of the pricing charge as with Silverline window costs.

Andersen windows cost are relatively high in the industry for wood clad windows and doors. On par, I would say, will Pella Windows prices and Marvin - although the latter tends to focus more on fiberglass than wood-clad. (Please note, their 100 series is well priced in the composite window space.) Think 10 out of 10 for their A series, 9 out of 10 for their 400 series, 8 out of 10 for their 200 series, and 6/7 out of 10 for their 100 series.

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