Pros And Cons Of Ply Gem Windows

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Pros And Cons Of Ply Gem Windows

Let's explore the pros and cons of Ply Gem Windows and find out if this window company might be right for you. First off, let's look at the company itself.

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Ply Gem Company Information

Ply Gem is a relatively large building material company (windows, siding, roofing etc.) that is owned by Cornerstone Building Brands. Cornerstone owns a number of window/door companies, including SilverLine, Simonton, Atrium, American Craftsman, and Great Lakes.

Ply Gem sells a whole host of vinyl, wood and aluminum clad windows and doors. The company is best known for vinyl replacement windows. They sell their window/doors to large developers and builders, through the Big Box stores, as well as through a large network of local window companies. The company has a presence in all 50 states within the United States.

Ply Gem Pro #1 :: Reliable Brand

Ply Gem is owned by a large corporation, which means they are not going to go out of business anytime soon. This means that when you purchase your windows/doors, you are not in any risk of not being able to have your warranty issues handled down the road. (I personally don't put much stock in warranties, but they should still be considered for replacement windows.) All in all, this is a pretty nice plus in my book. Lots of series available : Here is a list of options and series: Mira wood clad, 1500 vinyl, Classic vinyl,

Ply Gem Pro #2 :: Lots Of Options

Ply Gem has lots of options. It's both a pro and a con for me. (See below.) As long as you are dealing with a Ply Gem rep who knows their series well and can direct you to the very best fit for your situation, then I see their amply number of available window series as a plus. Here is a partial list of options and series: Mira wood clad, 1500 vinyl, Classic vinyl

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Ply Gem Con #1 :: Just Decent

Ply Gem makes a decent vinyl window in general ,but are not considered a top tier brand . They concentrate on making decent, but not excellent, vinyl windows and doors. This is a clever strategy as they reach a much bigger market with this approach. The downside is that their products will probably not last as long as some of those really top tier brands out there like Okna and Soft-Lite. I would suggest sticking with their premium or slight drop down series in order to

Ply Gem Windows Reviews

Pros And Cons Of Ply Gem Windows :: Marketing

Confusing Product Line - Ply Gem offers so many series (which are even divided up by region) that it can be confusing whether or not you are purchasing a quality product or not. (Reviews are scatter shot because there are so many models / lines / series). This means that you really have to rely on the company selling you the window, which means doing some online research on them. Assuming you trust the sales person, then you should be fine. The issue for me is that, like it or not, there are lots of shady sales people in this industry.

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