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Feldco Windows Reviews

Read 7 Feldco windows reviews from homeowners and industry insiders who have experience with this manufacturer, their sales techniques, window prices and more.

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Feldco Windows And Thermal Industries

Feldco actually relabels the Thermal Industries window that uses a pocket sill design, which is a less desirable design feature than the true sloped sill that does not let the water drain through the window frame itself. The Thermal Industries window is not a bad window at all, but its nowhere near the top of the best replacement windows out there. The bottom line may be to get a bid from Feldco and then a few others to compare and contrast how the cost and quality compare.

Holland - Contractor - from 2012

Feldco vs Champion Windows

Right now I'm looking at Advanced Windows, Feldco, and Champion, and I can't see any real differences between them. They're all nice windows, but a little out of my price range right now. I'm probably going to go with Crestlines, they seem to be decent and have most of the same features as the premium brands. I'm sure there's a reason they're cheaper, but it's a big savings. It's hard to justify spending that much more.

Sherwin - Homeowner - from 2010

Feldco Sales Tactics And Service

We replaced our windows with Feldco and like a lot of other consumers that I can find, we felt like the sales people were a bit pushy, especially at the get-go. They made us put a sign in front of our house for a discount which felt a little weird but in the end it was fine. The Feldco windows weren't the cheapest out there, but we felt like it was a quality window nonetheless and they had a nice financing plan in order for us to get going with the project as soon as possible. We replaced all 20 of our windows including a big picture window and a bow and a bay window on different walls and they all look very professional and very clean. We got quotes from both Gilkey windows and more but the R-value on the Feldco was higher.

Kathy - Consumer - from 2010

Feldco Window Complaint

I ordered 16 windows from Feldco and it took six weeks for them to arrive and two of them were broken. It is now been two months and none of the replacement windows have been shipped out. The windows that are installed seem to be letting in cold air, especially in the downstairs. The upstairs windows seem to work just fine. There must be something that happened during the installation on the downstairs windows, but the company will not call me back. I even stopped by one of the stores and talked to one of the managers and he promised to call me back and then never did. I feel like they took my money, installed the windows and now they move on somewhere else and I've been lost in the shuffle. My old windows, although they were the old aluminum ones, were better than these new so-called energy-efficient vinyl windows.

Brendon - Consumer - from 2009

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Feldco Window Project

We recently had 10 windows replaced by Feldco and we thought that they did an excellent job. My only complaint would be that our salesman pulled one of those the price is good for the next 48 hours deal and then the price goes up. (See our article on replacement window sales pitch for more information) I told him we had three companies bids for the project and gave him some of the details and he softened up quite a bit. I think we paid right around $400 per window for double pane vinyl frames with argon fills and low E glass. The installers were very good and they didn't seem to cut corners, they cleaned up after themselves, they arrived on time, installed and sealed everything and they were out of the house by 4 pm. I would definitely recommend Feldo windows to any homeowners who are looking for a decent window at a good price.

John - Homeowner - from 2008

Feldco Windows Complaints

Although it's been in business for about 30 years, about 5 or 6 years ago the owner sold the company. They don't make their own vinyl windows. They used to buy from Accuweld and now they get them from Thermal Industries. I've heard a few complaints about them but I think they have good service overall.

What I don't like about them is that they advertise super low prices but then you find out that it's only for a really crappy window. You obviously don't want to buy the "teaser" with all the problems it has and they don't want to sell it to you either. They really want you to buy the "Sophia" which is about three times the price of the ad. They also claim that their installers are company employees, but only a few are, most are contractors. I think these are pretty standard practices here around Chicago, but it feels slimy.

You can find windows that are just as good in quality for a little bit less. For the same price, you can get one with all of the extra features like foam filled frames, Krypton gas, and other efficiency upgrades.

Miller - Industry Insider - from 2008

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