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Compare Power Home Remodeling Windows vs Andersen

Power Home Remodeling Windows vs Andersen

Power Home Remodeling Windows vs Andersen - let's compare these two companies and see what they sell and their product price points.

Bottom Line: Andersen is certainly the better known between these two replacement window companies. For me, the biggest difference here is that Andersen is a manufacturer, while PowerHRG is an installer only. Another key difference is that PowerHRG has a presence in much of the eastern half of the United States, while Andersen is available in all 50 states. Scroll down to read my analysis.

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"Andersen manufactures wood-clad windows (and one composite series), while PowerHRG is an installer only - working with Pella and Northeast Building Products."

Power Home Remodeling Windows vs Andersen

Company Information

Compare Power Home Remodeling vs Andersen

Power Home Remodeling Group specializes in replacement windows, doors, vinyl siding, and roofing services. Unlike Andersen, PowerHRG does the installation only - they do not manufacture their own line of windows and doors. In terms of location, PowerHRG services all of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland - they also have branches in quite a few northwest and mid west metro markets. They carry and install Pella Symphony windows and Northeast Building Products.

Andersen Windows & Doors is based in Minnesota and has been in the fenestration business since 1903 (one of the longest for sure). The company is best known for their high end wood clad windows and doors. (They also make a 100 fibrex window, which they sell at Home Depot stores around the country.) For the most part, Click to read all of our Andersen Windows enjoys a very good reputation for quality and craftsmanship.

What They Sell

As mentioned above, PowerHRG sells a Pella Symphony and an NBP window. (For more on them, check out our Northeast Building Products reviews page.) Honestly, I wouldn't consider either of these a top tier vinyl window. Instead, these are "good" mid range vinyl windows. Having said that, as long as the installation quality is good, it's often fine to use this level of window. (I'd prefer a better window, but it's not a make or break.)

Andersen sells four main window and door series. These include the 100 fibrex (composite frame), 200 series (standard wood-clad), 400 series (upgraded wood-clad), and the A series (an uber upgraded wood-clad). The company keeps their product list low, but they do an excellent job at crafting quality options for consumers. In addition, Andersen owns Renewal By Andersen, which sells a sort of upgraded fibrex composite window to the 100 series.

"When it comes to Power Home Remodeling Windows vs Andersen, what they sell and how they sell it is a big difference between these two companies."

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How They Market

PowerHRG advertises in their local markets using pretty traditional direct-to-consumer methods. These include branches or stores, television billboard ads, and mailers. This is an approach that other companies use, including the Andersen franchise of Renewal By Andersen (but not by Anderson itself).

Andersen Windows & Doors sells their products using two common techniques. They sell through local window companies that rep the company product line (and are spread across the country), and they sell the 100 series in Home Depot stores across the U.S.

Cost Comparison

PowerHRG is not going to be as expensive as Andersen, for one main reasons. PowerHRG sells Alside and NBP vinyl windows, which are simply not as expensive as real wood-clad. Alside and NBP are both considered mid range vinyl windows - not the best, but certainly nowhere wear the worst window brands on the market.

Power Windows Cost: $$$
(3/4 out of 5)

Andersen Windows Cost

Andersen Windows prices will be more expensive compared to PowerHRG. Perhaps not so much with their 100 fibrex series, but certainly with the 200, 400, and A series windows. In general, with wood windows vs vinyl windows - the wood-clad options are going to be much more expensive.

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