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Reliabilt Windows vs Pella | Let's Compare These Window Brands

Reliabilt Windows vs Pella

Reliabilt Windows vs Pella - these two window and door companies don’t share a whole heck of a lot in common. For instance, Reliabilt is all in on the more builder grade vinyl windows sold in the big box stores. Pella is more of a high end wood-clad window brand that "dabbles" in vinyl windows sold en masse through the big box stores. Let’s go through what these two companies do share in common and those things where they differ.

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Company Similarities

Both Reliabilt Windows and Pella are available for purchase in the big box stores. However, Pella more or less sells one product only in Home Depot - the Pella 250 series. Conversely, Reliabilt sells basically all of their products in these stores, from their entry level to their premium vinyl windows, including the 3201 series (Reliabilt’s most popular window).

Vinyl Window Space

Both Reliabilt and Pella Windows sell vinyl windows. However, Pella is not as well known for their vinyl windows as much as they are for their high end wood clad and fiberglass windows. Reliabilt, on the other hand, is known exclusively for their vinyl windows and doors (that’s the only thing they make so that makes sense).

Reliabilt Windows vs Pella Differences

Perhaps the biggest difference between these two companies is just their overall size and reputation. Pella has been in the fenestration business for over 100 years and they are one of the biggest window and door manufacturers in the space. They enjoy an excellent reputation for their wood clad windows. Their reputation in the fiberglass and vinyl window space is decidedly less impressive.

Reliabilt is both the considerably smaller company of the two, and the much less known in terms of brand recognition. They are known in the industry as a sort of builder grade vinyl manufacturer. I will say this - Reliabilt makes one of the best vinyl windows available in the big box stores. I consider them a high end builder grade window manufacturer (if that makes sense).

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Cost Comparisons

The Reliabilt price point is going to be considerably less than Pella - for several reasons. First, the question of quality. Reliabilt is built for a more budget minded consumer. Therefore, their price point is always going to be more affordable. Second, Reliablt sells in the big box stores where the price point is lower (in exchange for more window units being sold). (Yes, Pella does sell through Home Depot, but only their 250 series.) Finally, Pella is a well known name and therefore they can charge a higher price.

By default, Pella Windows prices are going to be significantly higher for all the reasons mentioned above. But, this should be mentioned - wood clad windows are always going to be way more expensive than vinyl windows. Pella makes some of the best wood-clad windows on the market and they are very expensive - but also very beautiful.

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