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PGT Window Prices

PGT window prices are in the mid to high end vinyl window range for a normal size double hung installed. The company is considered a very reliable manufacturer that delivers durable and well made vinyl and aluminum windows. PGT has a reputation for honoring warranties and standing behind their products. All in all, the company manufactures vinyl and aluminum windows that are well designed and use a sloped, two step sill that is popular with contractors.

The downside to PGT is their limited distribution, they should be pretty easy to find throughout Florida, but their presence outside of the state is fairly minimal. I like PGT windows, their both well made and relatively affordable. I wish they were available in more states and locations.

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PGT 2200 Windows

The PGT 2200 window is nearly identical to the 2300, although it isn't available as a double hung, just the single hung, slider, and picture window. The 2200 series features a 4" frame and, if used in new construction, comes with an exterior nailing flange. The one downside is that the model isn't available with a wood grain interior, does limit options for certain homeowners.

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PGT 2300 SpectraGuard Windows

The PGT 2300 window is well made and looks good, and is one of PGTs best known models. It comes as a double hung, slider, or picture window and has a multi-chambered frame. The heavy vinyl and reinforced aluminum sash make it a sturdy, durable window. It doesn't have an interior wood finish but does include double strength glass. The double hung features a top sash that tilts in for easy cleaning. With a good glass package the AI is around 0.04 and the DP50 rating makes it comparable to the Gorell 5300 or the Simonton 5500.

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PGT 5400 Windows

The PGT 5400 window is a relatively new series or model and is part of their EnergyVue line. The 5400 series is a single hung with a clean profile and modern looking mainframe. Many contractors and installers consider single hung windows low quality, but PGT seems to be flipping this traditional notion on its head. The 5400 is an especially good option for larger sized windows as it still maintains good energy efficiency and strength at these larger measurements.

Standard features include constant force balancing (option upgrade to a spiral blancing system), embedded tilt latch, tilt sash for easier cleaning, an autolock, a comfort lift handle, a beveled meeting rail and integrated corner keys. Best of all, the 5400 model is quite nice looking and should be an affordable option for many homeowners.

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PGT 400 Impact Windows

The PGT 400 series is designed and marketed as an impact window and comes standard with an aluminum reinforced sash. The standard glass package isn't rated for hurricanes but with upgrades it can serve as a hurricane window. It comes in various configurations, including optional nailing flange, extruded fin, simple buck frame, or J-channel. It is most often used in new construction applications. With the right glass package, it can qualify for a tax credit. The 400 series is one of my picks for best affordable impact window on the market. Unfortunately, PGT is hard to find outside of Florida. This window might be comparable to the top of the line Polaris UltraWeld window.

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PGT WinGuard Impact Windows

The PGT WinGuard Impact window is designed for coastal areas, the WinGuard is designed to withstand serious impact in areas with special code requirements. With either vinyl or aluminum frames, it comes in double or single hung, casement, slider, fixed, and picture styles. A tad lower in cost, but similar in nature to the Gorell 5400.

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PGT 2700 & 2800 PremierVue Windows

Similar to the WinGuard, the PGT 2700 and 2800 series is a heavy duty impact window. It is similar to the Gorell 5400 as far as ratings, but many contractors think it looks much better. It has limited distribution, so it can be hard to find away from the coast. The 2770, a sliding glass door, goes well with these and has a good reputation as well.

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