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Basics Of Wood Windows

Wood windows are the most beautiful and most expensive home window option on the market. Most manufacturers today produce what are clad wood clad windows, which uses real wood on the interior and a strong, durable materials such as fiberglass or aluminum on the exterior. The result is a window that will hold up to the elements, but combines the stunning look of real wood on the interior.

Wood windows are certainly the best looking options out there - but it comes at a price. They are by far the priciest option in the residential market. We will go through some of the pricing, as well as the pros and cons of wood windows to give you a clear picture of whether these are a good option for you.

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"If you love the look of wood windows and can handle the expense, go for it. They are amazing looking wood windows out there. However, if you're on the fence, save the expense and maintenance they require and go with a high quality vinyl or fiberglass."

Wood Windows Prices

Wood windows prices range from $300 to $1500 + fully installed, a huge cost difference that reflects that array of quality and brands available. Avoid low end wood windows that will typically have poor performance numbers and not really get you what you want - a stunning looking window. There are some nice interior veneers that mimic the look of wood like the Marvin Infinity that is an excellent option.

-- Price Range: $300 to $1500 fully installed --


Unmatched Beauty

It's tough to argue the point that wood windows are hands down the nicest looking options out there. It adds an element of class and distinction to a home - which honestly is hard to say about most other materials. Wood windows add significant value to a home (not as much as they will cost, but that's true of almost any home improvement porject). Many of the top wood windows are simply stunning to look at from the inside and quite nice from the outside as well.

Recommended Brands & Models

Andersen 400 Woodwright

Marvin Ultimate

Loewen Wood Window

Kolbe Heritage


Wood Rot

Read wood window reviews online and you will surely see homeowners railing against manufacturers who sold them windows that rotted on the inside. This has been a problem over the years that the manufacturers now say is not an issue with the techniques they use to preserve the wood (the juries still out). Until a major manufacturer steps up with a warranty that protects homeowners for the life of the window against any rotting or decay, consumers are always going to have that nagging doubt in their minds about the longevity of wood.


The wood species needs some tlc now and again to preserve the look and beauty that will begin to wear over time. This might mean a tungsten oil or wood stain to preserve the wood and to prevent any splitting or cracks that could occur with years of neglect.

Mediocre Performance

You would think that for all that money you are doling out that the windows would be top performers. Most wood windows have mediocre numbers, not to say that they are bad. Inorganic materials will always beat out an organic material like wood in terms of performance (certainly not a poorly made vinyl window, but compare wood vs vinyl window on performance and the vinyl will win every time). Manufacturers simply can't create the corner welds with wood that you can with fiberglass and vinyl.

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