Milgard Trinsic vs Tuscany Window Series

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Milgard Trinsic vs Tuscany

Milgard Trinsic vs Tuscany

How do the Milgard Trinsic vs Tuscany windows stack up to one another? Let's compare these two popular series against one another and find out which is the right option for you.

The bottom line is this: both the Milgard Trinsic and Tuscany are solid mid range vinyl windows. The Tuscany has a more traditional (read: bulky) look, while the Trinsic has a more contemporary design. Both decent options given a reasonable price point and when coupled with professional installation.

I'd give both of these windows a 4.2 out of 5 stars - solid.

Dane - Site Editor - Page Last Updated: April 21, 2024

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Milgard Trinsic Series

Let's start with the Trinsic. The Milgard Trinsic is a much newer model that came onto the market in 2018 (the Tuscany has been around for over 25 years). It uses a much sleeker design, even sight lines, and is less bulky looking than the Tuscany. The good thing about the Trinsic is you won't have to sacrifice on energy efficiency as the Trinsic delivers numbers that are roughly equal to the Tuscany series. I generally prefer the Trinsic to the Tuscany, but they aren't all that different from one another.

Milgard Tuscany Series

The Milgard Tuscany. In a sentence: a good mid range vinyl window that comes standard with some nice features and will generally provide good energy efficiency numbers. Notice my sort of run of the mill language here - yes, intentional. It just isn't a fancy window, but it is a good/decent performer generally speaking. When friends on the west coast tell me they want a good window that isn't going to break the bank, I always mention the Tuscany series.

The Tuscany is sort of everyday person's series - a nice step up from the Styleline with an upgraded locking system, a wider spacer, better vent stops, an better screen. A solid option in the western section of the country where some of the top brands are simply not available.

Compare Trinsic vs Tuscany

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Milgard Trinsic vs Tuscany

Thanks for your input, Dane. I found the two small companies only use Milgard. Their reason is Milgard has a good warranty, they are local and made for the PNW, name recognition, and they have been installing this line for many years. Windows and Glass was very negative about fiberglass windows and said they refuse to install anyone's fiberglass window. They also didn't have much to say that was good about anyone else's vinyl windows.

The larger companies had several brands they carried, offering the alternative brands as being less expensive than Milgard. Several of these companies said they had quality issues with the less expensive brands, especially because of Covid. The brands they were offering that weren't Milgard were ones they felt were improving their quality enough they wanted to start selling them again. Milgard had quality issues, too, with Covid, but the installers said Milgard was the first manufacturer to address the quality issues and produce windows with much fewer issues than the other lines.

Lindsay is also produced here, right across the street from Milgard. Several of the companies said they used to sell Lindsay and Milgard about equally, but Lindsay has had some major quality control issues and is still not as reliable.
Lindsay Windows Reviews

Another thing the installers talked about was the warranty end of the windows they sell. Everyone voiced that dealing with Milgard on a warranty issue was much preferred over the hassles of the other product lines.

No one suggested Marvin vs Andersen windows, but I also didn't ask about them specifically, even though I went to showrooms to check them out. Two companies had Provia. When I went to one company that said they had them in their showroom, the only Provia product they sold was Provia doors - and not sliding doors, but solid doors. The only Provia sample I could see was a small sample one of the sales reps brought to the house.

Amsco isn't carried in Washington except in the Spokane area, and then into Idaho and Montana. Windsor has a couple of dealers here, but when I talked with them, they really didn't want to use them, they liked higher end, wood and wood clad windows best. They were companies in high end areas and their clients probably weren't interested in vinyl windows.

So, in the end, it really comes down to most of the installers using Milgard for vinyl as their preferred brand, and offer Simonton, Lindsay, and Coeur D'Alene Windows because the manufacturer is giving them a better price on a certain window line.

I'll click on your window link and put in the information again, Dane. Thank you so much for doing all that you do to help us very confused consumers!

Terry - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Terry, you have done lots of research on the state of things in your neck of the woods. Thanks for that, I think it will really help consumers from Washington State who are looking for windows down the road.

Too bad about ProVia windows not being available -- the Endure series really is a very nice window with very good performance data.

Have you looked at the Milgard Trinsic vs Tuscany series? The performance data is roughly the same, but the modern and sleek look of the Trinsic is my choice over the Tuscany. Let me know what you end up going with...

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

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