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Alpine Windows Reviews

Read 7 Alpine windows reviews and find out what customers and professional contractors think of the quality of their products, warranty and customer service.

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Alpine Windows Warranty

The warranty information states that Alpine windows come with lifetime warranty. However, what they don't state is that the lifetime warranty only applies to the original owner at the time of the installation. Alpine windows were installed in my home, which was built in 2006. 9 of the 15 windows have failed. When I tried to get the lifetime warranty coverage, because I was the 2nd home owner, they declined coverage.

Lawrence - Homeowner - from 2015

Alpine Window Reviews

Alside, Revere, Alpine, AMI, they are all the same thing, they just keep renaming new lines to try and avoid their reputation. They make a low quality window and they don't do too well, but they are successful at what they do, which is selling cheap windows, and from what I've heard they are decent about honoring warranties.

Holland - Installer - from 2012

An Associated Window Company

Alpine is owned by Associated Windows, and so is Alside windows, but there is a difference as far as design and specs. I don't know much about their Alpine line, but Alside is ok for a low to mid grade product. They aren't pretending to be a top of the line premium window. I've heard some complaints about service and how they handle warranties, but I don't know if it's true. From my experience Alside has always been decent.

Will - Contractor - from 2012

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Contractor Opinion

We really take customer service seriously, and we're careful about what products we sell. I would never sell anyone an Alside window, or any of their other names. They're so bad they are constantly creating new names so people won't realize who they are. Alpine, Berkshire, Apex, Signature, Revere, they are all the same.

Ethan - Contractor - from 2012

Replacements In Riverside

I'm considering replacement windows for my home in Riverside County CA. I have to stick to a budget but I need something that will hold up and be pleasant to live with, I've heard plenty of stories about bad windows since I started looking. I heard Atrium Windows was good, then I saw some bad reviews. Same with Madison and Alpine. I can't spend a bundle but I want a decent quality. Can someone direct me to some site that rates or compares windows?

Rose - Homeowner - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

Atrium is a good product, not a premium window but better than average. They are better than the others you mentioned, certainly. I'd also look at Superior or GreenWorld, good price with a great warranty. I don't know of somewhere you can compare a bunch of ratings.

Jeff - Contractor - from 2010

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Alpine Window Review

In 1995 I put Alpines in my house. Now they are falling apart and I need parts and service and I'm regretting buying the Alpines. You have to go through Alside and they discontinued the Lifetime Guarantee, plus they changed the design and they say they can't give me any parts. I'm stuck buying all new windows and doors. Don't buy anything from Alside or Alpine.

Murray - Homeowner - from 2009

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