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Crestline Windows Reviews

Read Crestline windows reviews from past customers, contractors and installers and explore products, quality, window replacement cost, warranty info and more.

Crestline Window Reviews

My entire house has Crestline double hung windows, which are aluminum clad and were put in around 1993. I never loved them, but there weren't awful. Then not long ago I noticed water stains under some the sills. I took out some of the drywall and realized some of the sashes are rotting. I took the sashes out plus the tracks, and the lower part of the window side rails are rotting too. There were a bunch of dead potato bugs and spiders, but those shouldn't cause the problems. They're still leaking, and obviously have been for a long time before I noticed. I might try replacing the weather stripping. The house was sprayed with a lifetime coating but I'll look into that. If that isn't the problem then they're just bad windows.

Eric - Homeowner - from 2011

Crestline Window Reviews

I've seen a lot of trouble with Crestlines. Not too long ago I was called in to do some repairs and Crestline said they don't make replacement parts for this particular window anymore. It was only a 9 year old window, they should still have parts. I recommend a different brand, there are planty that are cheaper and better - .

Chrisopher - Installer in Illinois - from 2011

Crestline Windows Reviews

We built a house last year and went with Crestlines. Just a few months and they were leaking and fogging up all the time. They wouldn't honor the warranty, and every time I called I talked to a different person and got a different excuse. I would never use them again.

Jeff - Homeowner in Wisconsin - from 2010

Crestline Windows Reviews

Our old house had Crestlines and we never had any trouble. Our new house has different windows (not sure what manufacturer), and I hate them. Soon we're probably going to have Crestlines put in. I'm tired of dealing with these other guys.

Larry - Homeowner in Maryland - from 2010

Crestline Windows Reviews

Right now I'm looking at Advanced, Feldco, and Champion, and I can't see any real differences between them. They're all nice windows, but a little out of my price range right now. I'm probably going to go with Crestlines, they seem to be decent and have most of the same features as the premium brands - Andersen and Pella for instance. I'm sure there's a reason they're cheaper, but it's a big savings. It's hard to justify spending that much more.

Sherwin - Homeowner - from 2010

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Crestline Windows Reviews

Our old house had Crestline windows. I was happy with them. The new house has Norandex vinyl windows and I've had nothing but trouble. When I try to get Norandex to fix one of the numerous problem, they give me the run around and I've never had any satisfaction with that company regarding the windows.

Larry - Homeowner - from 2005

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