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Vinyl Windows Reviews

Read vinyl windows reviews and find out what brands and models are the best and worst according to contractors, installers and homeowners.

Page last updated May 2014.

Pella Vinyl Windows

Pella definitely is not known for their high quality vinyl windows, although they have made some definite strides in the past several years to improve the overall quality in the 250 and 350 series windows. Both of these windows use the pocket sill however, which I think most installers would agree is not a very good design feature. Most of the bigger players in the industry have seen the market share of vinyl windows grow over the last decade and obviously want to part of it. I'd still be hesitant to tell my customers to go with Pella vinyl windows, not because I think they are poor in quality, but instead that there are so many good vinyl options out there.

Vinyl Windows Reviews From Florida

Vinyl windows are getting more popular in Florida, but they aren't available in a lot of colors. They are pretty much white, beige, and tan. They tend to be either laminated or painted, and both have some drawbacks. There are only two manufacturers her in Floirda that have decent designs and color choices, Custom Window Systems and PGT. PGT makes a PremierVu series that isn't bad, and if that is too high as far as cost, look at their 500 series.

Ian - Contractor in Florida - from 2012

Window World

I'm getting some vinyl replacement windows, 28" x 62". I had a guy from Window World come out for a quote and I'm afraid there might be some trick. I was told that they were $189 each, but when he came here he said $336 and that I needed argon filling, low-e glazing, an extra warranty, and some other hurricane coverage. When I balked at that he said he could give me a special for $269. Is he trying to pull a fast one on me? It doesn't seem right.

Ida - Consumer - from 2011


Asked my contractor friend about Lincoln windows. He just finished a job with their Harmony line and thought they were good. Their vinyl line is Timeline, which is what I'm looking at. There isn't a lot of info on them online. Does anyone know about them?

Rell - Homeowner - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

Lincolns are the bottom shelf of the window market. If you're getting ready to sell, then they aren't too bad, but I wouldn't want to live in a house with them.

Laurence - Installer - from 2010

Amerimax vs RBA

About 5 years ago I had Amerimax vinyl windows put in my Los Angeles home. They are still very nice and white. They work well, with a smooth movement and no leaks or drafts. When we were shopping for them we saw some really cheap junky vinyl windows. I'm sure if we had bought those we would have problems. We also looked at Renewal by Andersen, but those cost 5 times as much. He kept saying that we wouldn't be happy if we went with vinyl, but that's crazy. People have been using vinyl windows for years, and if they were horrible no one would buy them.

Kenneth - Homeowner in California - from 2008

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Gerkin Vinyl Windows

I'm a Kansas home owner and I've been looking into Gerkin windows. They have a vinyl line that seems to be a mid to high end. They have some nice features, like Duraseal insulated glass and LowE glazing. They also produce aluminum windows, which most people aren't making these days. They have reinforced aluminum frames, which makes them fairly sturdy, and they seem pretty good. For the most part they seem to have pretty good products.

[Update - 6 months after install]

Six months ago I got them out in and they're really good. One screen was bent when they got here but they have good customer service. I like that a real person answers the phone when you call.

Casey - Homeowner in Kansas - from 2011

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