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Milgard Window Prices

Milgard window prices are in the middle of the pack for vinyl window manufacturers (their Quiet Line is quite pricy, but is probably the best soundproof window on the market). Milgard produces solid windows that offer good performance in the mid price range. Primarily available on the west coast, they can be found in some other areas as well. They have a reputation for good windows and good customer service. Read Milgard windows reviews.

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Milgard Style Line Price

Milgard's Styline is a thinner framed, more modern looking window with uneven sightlines and more glass than the Tuscany. It doesn't have a vent lock or weep hole covers, and features an elevated locking mechanism. It is less expensive than the Tuscany (about 10%), largely because the increased glass makes it less energy efficient. It's a great choice for smaller windows openings or if you just can't afford the Tuscany.

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Milgard Tuscany Windows Price

The Tuscany is Milgards most popular window. Priced about 10% higher than the Styline, it has better efficiency ratings and a thicker frame. The classic look is popular and fits many home styles. Upgrades include an upgraded lock, vent stops, a wider spacer and higher quality screen. If you add on the 3D Max glass package it becomes a real competitor with the Simonton 7300 or the standard Champion model. The lifetime warranty includes glass breakage. The U-value is 0.29 and the SHGC is 0.21. It isn't a top-shelf window that grabs the attention, but it's a solid performer that looks good and really lasts. In terms of cost, the Milgard Tuscany window should be similar to Champion windows prices.

Alside Tuscany Costs

I just bought a split level home and have had 4 quotes in 2 months and I'm confused. It's for 1 patio window, and a sliding glass door.

RBA - $38k

Preservation - $19k

Window World - $7.5k

Alside Fairfield 80 - $9.5k (triple pane)

Milgard Styleline - $10.5k

Milgard Tuscany - $11.3k

Robyn - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Robyn, I like the Milgard quote the best and would recommend spending the extra $800 for the Tuscany.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

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Milgard Ultra Windows Cost

The Ultra, Milgard's fiberglass window frame, is decent but often rated behind Marvin's Integrity and Infinity when looking at fiberglass. It doesn't have the curb appeal of some competitors, but it does have a great option for a real wood interior. The warranty is very good and it's a great choice if you really want fiberglass but can't quite afford the Marvins.

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Milgard Quiet Line Cost

The Quiet Line is a specialty soundproofing window made by Milgard. The price is much higher than their other windows, but they are specially designed to eliminate noise pollution. With an STC rating of 46, it is similar in noise reduction quality to glass used in recording studios, which are usually around 50-55 STC. The frame is thick and bulky to support the thicker glass. It's too expensive for a lot of homeowners, but if you have noise problems and can afford them, they can really make a difference. Other soundproof windows to consider include the Simonton 9800 series with laminated glass.

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Milgard Tuscany Costs vs Anlin Del Mar

I am replacing 4 windows (2 are 71.25 x 46.5 sliders with a SW sunset with full aluminum encasement and 2 are bathroom windows 32 x 48 single hang low sun area) to block construction. I like both the Milgard Tuscany and the Anlin Del Mar but since I am in the Phoenix Metro area I was leaning more to the Del Mar but they are around $700 more expensive. Pleas give me your input. Thank you.

Joanne - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Joanne, I would say the Tuscany and the Anlin Del Mar windows are pretty equivalent, I might give the slight nod to the Del Mar. I like the Tuscany though and assuming good installation on both, I would probably choose the Tuscany and save the $700. The only factors that would tip my choice in the other direction would be colors that the Del Mar comes in over the Tuscany or again the quality of the installation team who will be doing the work. Bottom line is that I think you've got a couple of very nice windows and with good installation, you should be happy with either.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Milgard Costs vs Monte Verde

We are seniors living in an older mobile home and have quotes to replace two large front west facing windows as the hot sun streams in late afternoon and makes the room very hot. My husband is handicapped and we live on social security so we are careful with our budget. He now spends a lot of time in this room and we need it to be more comfortable as he has multiple sclerosis and changing temperatures cause too much stress.

We have quotes from Northwest $2137 for Anlin and $1857 Monte Verde. The rep says the only difference is the warranty on the Monte Verde is not transferable

A quote from SGK Home Solutions quote for quality Milgard windows LoE3 title 24 dual pane $625 per window

Smart energy Solutions Milgard style $1620 and Plygem Pro triple pane $2050

We are tempted to go with the SGK as we have a third window which will benefit being replaced.

Your help will be appreciated. Thank you. Selma Shelton

Selma - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Hi Selma, I'm sorry to hear about your husband's condition. In terms of windows, I would agree with you that the Milgard quote from SGK for $625 per window is the best of the bunch. I would suggest the Tuscany model over the Styleline though, which should only add 10% to the price. I'm guessing that quote is for the Styleline, but I can't be sure. That low-e3 glass should keep out lots of that passive heat during the day and stay cool.

I would ask for the Tuscany quote on all 3 windows and see if the quote is in your budget. Milgard makes a good vinyl window and you should be well served as long as the installers do quality work. Best of luck to you and your husband!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

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