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Vinylmax Window Prices

Vinylmax window prices are at the low to mid range end of the vinyl price structure. The company produces several vinyl products, including Hyde Park, Easton, and Sherwood windows. They get mixed reviews from contractors. Some consider them a solid if unexciting mid-grade window. Others think that they are a lower quality product that is priced too high and don't really compare to similarly priced brands. Like any window, the final quality largely depends on the installer, and getting a good price is a must.

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Vinylmax Windows Reviews | Trends Series | Prestige Series | Edison Series

Vinylmax Trends Windows Reviews

Vinylmax makes the Trends as their lowest priced model. It has a U-factor of 0.30, which is fairly standard, and an AI of 0.17, which is pretty bad. It comes as a double hung, garden, slider, picture, and a bay or bow. It is similar to a PlyGem Pro but with a heavier, more rigid frame giving it some extra sturdiness. The Hyde Park has a lifetime warranty and usually costs less than the PlyGem Pro, which is their low end vinyl offering.

Compare to the Ply Gem Pro Series

Tim - Site Editor

Vinylmax Edison Windows Reviews

The Prestige has similar numbers to the Trends, with an AI of 0.17 and a U-factor of 0.30, but it has some upgrades. Only available in double hung, slider, and picture styles, it is often compared to the Simonton 5050. The performance numbers can be improved with an upgrade to the triple pane R-5 glass package. The sound blockage is much better, too.

Compare to the Vytex Georgetown Window

Tim - Site Editor

Vinylmax Edison Windows Reviews

The Vinylmax Edison series is the company's second best vinyl window behind the Newton model. The window has some nice features and components, including the fusion-welded frame, triple weatherstripping, extruded lift rails, an Intercept spacer, composite cam locks and shadow-grooved sash. I would recommend going with thefoam/graphite frame fills that will help with the performance and durability of the Edison.

The Vinylmax Edison can be ordered as a double hung (4600 series), a slider (4650 series), or a a picture window (4670). Performance wise, the Edison is not bad: .12 air infiltration, .28 U-factor, .50 VT, and 60 CR. All in all, a pretty good second tier vinyl window.

Tim - Site Editor

Vinylmax Edison Cost

Hi, I'm looking to change out 17 double hungs.

Okna 500 Model (Deluxe Glass Package): $7820
MI 1650 Model: $6940
Vinylmax Edison Model: $5870
Berkshire Elite Model (Sustain-A-View Glass): $7500

Virginia - Homeowner - from 2017

Vinylmax Edison vs Zen Nirvana

Hello! I've been reading window reviews on your site for a while and have found a lot of very helpful information! I've narrowed my window search down to four windows. Which of the following windows do you feel is the best window? I've learned that installation is just as important, so I'll be looking into that when we narrow it down a bit more. We live in Colorado and are looking to have them in our home for long term. Our quotes include 14 windows and a sliding glass door.

Amerimax Craftsman Portrait Series $11,800

Zen Windows Nirvana $10,800

Wincore 7700 $13,364

Vinylmax Edison $9996.22 (this price may not be a bit higher as we didn't sign that day)

Thank you in advance for your help and assistance. I've found your website to be extremely helpful!

Amber - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Amber, I like all of those bids you've received. I would say the Zen Nirvana or the Vinylmax Edison would be my picks since they are both good windows and the prices are the lowest. See if you can you the existing bids against one another to get the lowest price possible -- especially for the Nirvana -- see if they will match the Edison price.

The bids are close enough that you should feel confident that you have your market range of price bids. And you are correct that installation is an important factor so certainly look closely at the companies before making a decision. I would feel comfortable having any of those four windows in my house!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Vinylmax Edison Window Costs

My wife only wanted 2 sunshades as she wanted the front of house to be uniform. She was okay with 2 in back in master bath. So, Sunrise dealer was willing to go down to $6,550 for that. I was going to go with the Sunrise and scheduled an appointment to sign. When I told Okna dealer that I was going to go with Sunrise windows, he offered to drop the price $750. So the new total for Okna package is $6,110. I decided to sign a contract with Okna dealer yesterday (3 day rescission right in Virginia).

Sunrise dealer was not happy. Then, last night, first contractor who offered Vinylmax Edison for $6,900 called and offered me 10 Berkshire Elite double paned for $4,999 and triple pane for $5,999. I told him I'd think about it to get him off the phone. I didn't see great reviews of Berkshire, so I'll probably stick with Okna 500 window.

Thanks much for your advice. It saved me $750.

- Homeowner - from 2017

Vinylmax Edison Window Costs

We have 3 bids for 7 double hung vinyl replacement windows. Here they are followed by their ufactor, shgc, vlt & air leakage.

Vinylmax Edison $3080, .28, .39, 56% air leakage unknown (this installer is doing siding for our entire condo project & supposedly giving a good price for windows). We have limited info on the Vinylmax installer ratings.

Vinylmax Edison Window Costs

We are looking at the Edison from Vinlymax which I believe is a mid-range window with the "sentry system" locking hardware and the CoreTex Reinforcement. For 11 of them we are right at $4800. This is consistent with another bid for Provia Windows at $4620. This is well below the cost of the Pella 250 Series windows that are running almost $6900. We are only planning on being in the house 5 - 10 years so investing in Pella is not really an option.

We do have Champion and Renewal by Anderson scheduled to come up but I'm not getting very good vibes from either of them. Feel free to through your 2 cents worth in on any of these folks and the bids. You have way more knowledge about this than we do.

Mark - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mark, I agree with you that your best bids are from Vinylmax and ProVia (I'm not sure which window they quote you out on, I'm assuming it's their mid range Aspect window series). Since you are only staying in the house for 10 years max, putting in a good mid range vinyl window makes a lot of sense. It's probably a toss up between Vinylmax and ProVia, although I tend to think ProVia's reputation in the window industry is a bit better than Vinylmax.

With the windows so close in quality, I would turn to the question of who do you feel between these two is going to give you the better quality installation? This is who I'd go with.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

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