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Wallside Windows Prices

Wallside windows prices are in the low to mid range of vinyl window costs. Wallside is a regional manufacturer that services mainly Michigan and Ohio.The company manufactures their own windows and sell them direct to the consumer, which they use as a selling point for why they are so inexpensive. From what we can find, the company makes a no frills vinyl window and offers middle of the road installation at an affordable price. (See our recommendations for the best vinyl windows.) They seem to generally get good reviews for their sales and installation methods and practices. Read all of our Wallside windows reviews here.

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Wallside Windows Prices

We decided to go with Wallside. A few people I work with said they have been happy with windows from them. None who have had them installed are all that old, so longevity wise hopefully we get a good number of years out of them.

I called Wallside and they came the next day to give us a quote. $6,000 for 8 windows and a patio door. No pressure sales tactics which I was kinda preparing for. He did show us a sample window, only salesman out of the 3 who did. The only thing I would say they try to trip you up with is quoting a cash or financing price. To finance they say it is 0% for 5 years but the price jumps to $7,200. Also the salesman did do the whole $14,000 but we have half off every window deal going right now. All in all 1 hour to write everything up wasn't bad. I'm not sure if he came in that low to beat the other bids I had or not but he came in $300 lower than the Amcraft window quote. We have a May 10th install date so hopefully the process goes smoothly.

Thanks again. I will be referring people to this site who are looking into windows. Tons of good info.

Eric - Homeowner - from 2017

Wallside Window Costs vs Simonton

I got quotes from 3 companies to replace a Bay window, kitchen slider, a smaller bathroom slider and a doorwall. Quotes were $6100 from wallside windows (wood bay), $8200 home depot Simonton 6100 series (wood bay) and $4800 lowe's pella 250 series sliders, vinyl bay and thermastar doorwall.

How do the different brands compare, and the first two quotes didn't even tell me vinyl bay was an option. A lot of money, and want to make a good decision. I've seen good and bad reviews for all so hard to base off of that.

Windows being replaced are older, broken seals with a lot of moisture. Doorwall and wood bay are extremely drafty and cold in mi winters. Wood on bay is starting to fall apart.

Basically looking for a decent upgrade without refinancing the house or going overboard. Anything new should be better then what I currently have.

Ryan - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Ryan, you certainly have 3 very different price bids for your project. I would throw out the Pella bid at the beginning. While the Pella 250 vinyl window is not a bad window, the ThermaStar one of the worst series out there.

I like the Simonton 6100 bay window, but I don't think it's worth $2000 more than the Wallside.

Wallside gets pretty good reviews, although I have to admit I don't know much about the quality of their bay windows.... but I'm sure they purchase their bay boxes like most manufacturers and simply insert their windows.

So, basically if you feel comfortable with Wallside and think their installation team will do a good job, this is the bid I'd go with.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

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