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Kensington Windows Reviews

Read 6 Kensington windows reviews from our editors, as well as homeowners and contractors to find out about their products and customer service record. Get more information on Kensington window prices.

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Editor Kensington Windows Reviews

Kensington HHP is a window manufacturer with a single factory in Western Pennsylvania and produces 3 vinyl window series. Contrary to what I wrote about Kensington previously, Kensington HPP, Inc. has no affiliation to Alpen HPP, other than the owners of each companies are friends and both were at one time owned by Serious Energy.

Kensington HPP was formed in 2013 when 2 long term employees bought the company from Serious Energy. Kensington Windows was part of the Jancor bankruptcy back in 2008.

Tim - Editor - from 2014

Kensington Windows History Explained

Our current plant has been in operation since 1977. For the first 20 years under an ownership group led by the Snyder family. In 1995 a large holding company from Canada, Jannock Ltd, purchased the company as part of their vinyl division. This division was comprised or several companies including 2 vinyl window manufacturers, Kensington Windows and Survivor Technologies.

In 1999 the operating management team of the vinyl division purchased the division from Jannock and for Jancor. Jancor was a very profitable company for 10 years and as the building materials industry took a serious downturn in 2006, cash got tight. In 2008 the bank called the line causing Jancor to shutter all 5 of its operating companies. Kensington Windows was a profitable company even in the down years for the industry with a great product line-up and as such was involved in an asset purchase in January 2009 out of bankruptcy by Serious Materials.

Serious operated the company until March 2013 when the 2 senior managers of the company, John Barker and myself, were able to come to terms with Serious to purchase the company to allow this plant to continue to employ great people in this area and focus on delivering high quality and high performance products for many years to come. We wanted to pay tribute to the decades of service and the great reputation when we took on the new name of Kensington HPP (High Performance Products).

We offer a one week lead as we have maintained since the late 1990's and currently are the only vinyl replacement window manufacturer in north America producing Heat Mirror glass systems for our Energy Star Most Efficient product offering. I have been in a senior management position with this plant for 20 years and have been in the industry now into my fifth decade. John Barker is our CFO and co-owner of the company and he has been with the plant for 10 years. He's also been in the building materials industry for 30 years including a stint for the parent company owner by the Snyder family in the 90's.

Chuck Wetmore - CEO, Kensington HPP, Inc - July, 2016

Kensington Quantum 2 Windows Reviews

I am a builder in the Madison, WI area. I would like to know your opinion on what window manufacturer makes the best vinyl replacement window that I can purchase either directly from the factory or a local dealer?

Larry - Builder - May, 2015

[Editor's Response]

Larry, I don't know what specific companies have reps in your area, but a quick call to the home offices of the following companies will tell you quickly whether they service your area or not. I did locate a local company that sells Sunrise windows though. Sunrise tend to be pretty reasonable in price for top quality vinyl windows. The Kensington Quantum 2 has great numbers and shouldn't be too expensive either.

4401 Femrite Dr Suite C
Madison, WI 53716

Here are my top 8 vinyl windows, from least expensive to most (roughly)

Okna 500 Series
PGT 2300 SpectraGuard
Soft-Lite Classic
Kensington Quantum 2
Polaris Ultraweld
HiMark Enviro-Star 800
Sunrise Restorations
Oka EnviroStar

Some History On Kensington

Kensington was at one point owned by Jancor Windows, but then they declared bankruptcy and the plant that produced the Kensington window models was shut down. Eventually, Serious Windows bought them and starting making windows under the Serious name. In 2012, Serious went out of business and now if you google Serious windows you get Alpen High Performance Products. So it's pretty confusing for consumers because there are lots of installers out there who think highly of the window itself. The ownership is all over the board. The fact of the matter is I could never recommend this company to a consumer because everytime they go through a bankruptcy they erase the warranty obligation to hte consumer. Too many other good manufacturers - Sunrise, Marvin, Andersen, Okna to name a few.

Michael - Contractor- from 2013

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Kensington Quantum 2 Review

Kensington went out of business maybe a year ago, a few years after we purchased the Quantum 2 window, which was very pricey. The coating on the glass get these little brown spots and we have to send them back and get them reinstalled - for some reason we have to pay for the glass, but the distributor has been good about the whole thing and continues to do the reinstalls free of charge. These are just too expensive to have this happen, especially since they were installed just 4 years ago. I'm certain that we will have to replace all of the 20 odd windows at some point and pay for them ourselves.

Daniel - Homeowner - from 2011

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